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Let It Snow (2021)

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They were warned 2021/1/28 86 min.


A large snowstorm hits a Midwestern town on Christmas day, only to bring together a handful of high school students in a nearby park. Within the first few hours, they learn that everything in their lives is going to be changing. They soon discover that Christmas day, no matter how long it has been since they have last visited the park, can be very different than ever before. But just because everything seems so new to them doesn't mean that it's easy.

The snow makes everyone very tired on Christmas morning. Their thoughts start racing with the idea of what they should do. They try to find something fun to do, but the park itself is not even open yet. They begin to worry about what to do.

But what they soon discover is that Christmas is a time for celebration. They have spent a week or so in a new home, met new people, and made many new friends, yet they are still very excited about Christmas. There is no one to turn to, so they start to look around for an adventure. They think about going snowboarding, ice skating, or skiing. But these aren't exactly a fun activity, so they turn to something more fun.

They decide to go snowmobiling in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Christmas tree. The snowmobile driver is very hesitant about this idea, but the group convinces him to go for it anyway. Soon, the snow begins to fall, and they begin to worry about getting hit by a car. Suddenly, they all become extremely busy with their new task, and as a result they don't get to enjoy Christmas much at all.

When the snow stops falling, they are faced with another decision: should they try and get a snowmobile license and let it snow all winter long, or should they wait until Christmas day comes? One of the high school students decides to wait. The rest decide to take a chance, and go snowmobiling on Christmas day, just because it is Christmas day. and because they have never gone snowmobiling before, they don't have a clue what to expect.

When the weather turns cold, the group quickly realizes that there isn't much snow left. on the ground and that their only option is to head back to their homes. But since snowmobiling through a storm is really hard work, they decide to wait. until after the storm has passed. Then the snow falls steadily, the rain falls, and they are forced to head to their houses. But instead of going back to their homes they decide to stay at one of the local motels.

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