Major Grom: Plague Doctor
Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021)

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2021/4/1 136 min.


Based on the famous Russian comic book series, Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a wacky online serie that pits our own intrepid private investigator, Igor Grom against the fanatical Russian criminal. It s a mish mash of action, comedy, and commentary on modern Russian society which takes more than several pages from DC and Marvel-style comic arcs. Like most grommets, the story begins in a small rural town where an off-duty police officer (Oleg Burosyan) gets framed for the brutal murder of a local boy. Locals suspect Oleg because his father is a well-known critic of the authorities and ask the police to investigate the crime. The head of the local department, however, has other ideas...

The plot revolves around a new crime: killing by acid. The culprit? A hoodlum (Konstantin Voloshin), who impersonates a local boy to hide his nefarious activities. As the investigation ensues, Oleg realizes he may have more in common with the stooge than he thought. The stakes are raised when a mysterious stranger makes a deal with Oleg to get hold of a highly classified government document; the document in question turns out to be the "Don't Call" list of people with important information on them!

So what does Major Grom look like? On paper, the comic looks like it could have come straight out of an issue of Marvel or DC comics. His appearance, however, is rather peculiar, to say the least. In one scene, he's sporting a disheveled hair, apparently burned at some point, and wears overalls, like a football coach wearing pads.

I'm not sure if this Major Grom cosplay picture is real or not, but I will say that the look is accurate. According to some sources on the Internet, he actually did in fact star in a comic book adaptation of himself. The character appeared in a German magazine that was adapted into a six-issue series. The comic featured Major Gromblooms (also known as Major Gruber) and his partner, Major Mutchler. Although the look is a little different online, the concept is no less interesting.

You can also check out an English version of the Major web comic. It's unclear whether this comic is actually going to make it to American shores (unlikely), but it's certainly worth checking out. If you do happen to spot this comic, I can almost guarantee you that it'll have a lot of the same characteristics as the original German comic. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's an excellent source for inspiration for crime fiction stories, but it's definitely worth looking out for.

As with any other cosplay, Major Gromblooms is a fun hobby that lets you display your favourite characters better than you'd probably be able to on your own. You also get to meet like-minded fans and form friendships that last long after the event. A lot of people are now starting to join in the cosplay scene, mainly because the hobby's appeal is growing worldwide. The best advice I can give to any prospective cosplayers is to look out for conventions and exhibitions regularly.

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