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Madly in love. 2021/1/28 106 min.


Malcolm & Marie: Here is Your Life on the Nile is a movie that will certainly make you think, if not laugh. Directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring civil rights icon, civil rights activist anytime CNN guest, Malcolm X. Also featuring an all-star cast of talents which includes Yusef Islam, William Hurt and Ice-T.

The movie revolves around a pair of young men who are members of a predominantly black owned and operated grocery store in Mississippi. It is also set in the mid-section of America - in other words, the stereotypical "poor" side of America. It's a great flick that manages to be funny while also being deeply meaningful. Most movie websites list it as a 4.5 stars but really, it's a magnificent and complex film...

Many sites will claim that Malcolm & Marie are the best black movie to come around in a long time, but the consensus seems to be that it isn't quite up there with some of the best black comedies released in recent memory. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't a funny film and worth your time. It's certainly no underdog in terms of its representation of life in Mississippi during the 1950's. And that certainly doesn't mean that it's not a fun watch. That it is a film that just about anyone can appreciate and enjoy.

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This is a movie that is certain to enchant those who like their movies to have a good pace, plenty of humor, and just plain old fashioned quality. Plus, if you have never seen a movie like Malcolm & Marie, it would be an easy way to get into the realm of black and white film. As it turns out, it is also a pretty accurate representation of the times as it traces the life of civil rights lawyer Emmett Fisher. He is an unforgettable character given life by none other than civil rights legend Muhammad Ali.

While the movie might not be at the same level as some of the best modern comedies, it is a funny movie that will make its mark on your memory. If you have never seen a movie like Malcolm & Marie, it is highly suggested that you do. Not only is the movie genuinely funny but the story is very well done and the acting is top notch. In addition to that, the DVD distribution online sites that offer this DVD movie download also offer a ton of other black and white movies as well as some really nice documentaries. There is definitely something for everyone here. Take advantage of these sites when you get a chance and you will definitely not be disappointed.

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