Matando Cabos 2: La M√°scara del M√°scara
Matando Cabos 2: La M√°scara del M√°scara (2021)

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"The Matador" (The Matador) is a true story about a young man from Cabo, Brazil named Matando Cabos. Matanza goes on a quest to find the mythical 'The Golden Mask' which has mystical powers to transform into any object that the wearer is looking for. However, Matanza finds himself caught between the both corrupt forces of the government and the local drug dealers who want him dead. He must face his past, while also battling the evil forces that want to take control of the city. A new force called "The Enlightened" that wants to put an end to the violence.

Written by Roberto Buzaio, the first film is based on the illegal drug trade in Cabo. It chronicles the rise of Matanza, a boy from poor backgrounds who is forced to become a masked crusader against drugs. He teams up with three other youths, including Diogo, who also wants to find out the truth about his life. The three have their own reasons for joining, which clash with the interests of their respective parents. An ultra-violent character, a corrupt police captain and the son of a former mayor all join together to bring order to the city.

Matando Cabos 2: La Mascara de Pia was released in theaters on March 9, 2021. It became the second most popular movie in the country after Miracles of Youth. The film spawned interest from local and international film critics. It was praised for its realistic portrayal of a conflict in the inner cities as well as for the performances of Buzaio and co-stars Carlos Botetto and Ronaldo Quaresma.

In addition to attracting audiences overseas, the movie also received good reviews from Brazilian critics. Some of them wrote that the film exposed the social reality of poverty in Brazil. The movie websites that promoted the movie were criticized by some online article writers for their promotion of a slandering portrayal of the poor. Some articles were even calling for boycott of the film.

Matamba Cabo 3: Deserte! Or, The Detective Who Stole Christmas is set to be released on May 24, 2021. The third in the series, this film promises a satisfying sequel. Set against the backdrop of a fictional story about a detective who stumbles upon a case that involves holidaying in a picturesque area, the movie is expected to be a hit. Directed by Carlos Corinto da Rocha and starring Gaelle Antunes, the film has already raised some of the expectations for a good film project. It will most likely open up more opportunities for more Matamba Cabos movies to come.

While online movie sites like YouTube and Metacafe are likely to carry the movie, major movie sites like the Movie Network and Universal Pictures can also be expected to show the film. The Matamba Cabo franchise, which started way back with Matabano, is now led by director Carlos Corinto da Rocha, who is best known for his TV series "Te Amo". His latest movie will most likely open up other possibilities for him to explore. So far, Matamba Cabos has proven that he has a way with capturing the hearts of the audience, regardless if he chooses to adapt it to the big screen or not.

Original title Matando Cabos 2: La M√°scara del M√°scara
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