My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission
My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission (2021)

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Their fight is our future. 2021/8/6 101 min.


My Hero Academia: World Heroes is a new movie starring Hector Elizondo, Maia Campbell, and Zoey Barkow as three youths from a poor family in the Pacific Rim country of Japan. They are about to join the US army when they are persuaded to become World War II volunteers. Although they are given a lot of incentives to go, they remain confused about their commitment. When their plane lands, the recruits are greeted by the commandos who have just rescued them and took them to an underground facility where the action begins. With the use of hidden cameras, the commandos learn that they will be deployed to a combat area and will be required to fight or flee during combat.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes is a 2021 Japanese movie directed by Koichi Kawabata. Directed by Masahiro Watanabe, the movie has received warm notices from many critics, including the New York Times' reviewer Marily Oppenheimer. The movie's plot revolves around the life of a Japanese student who turns into a herpetologist (a doctor who specializes in animal physiology and anatomy) and is assigned to protect America from a mysterious and powerful terrorist. Watanabe also produced the video game adaptations of the novel and served as the basis for the sequel, My Hero Academia: Top Secret Agent.

Based on the My Hero Academia series of novels, My Hero Academia: World Heroes revolves around the secondary school students of the futuristic society called 20auri. The protagonist, Kenji, is among those who were chosen as representatives of the Earthling species sent to serve as the frontline defense force against Earthlings. Because of this, he is deeply affected by events and experiences that occur around him. Through the course of the movie, the three heroes must work together to overcome various challenges before being able to deal with the next wave of enemies.

As per the trailers and the official website of the movie, the film will introduce protagonist Kenji to readers as they prepare for the upcoming movie. The character is portrayed as a quiet and reserved individual, but his actions do not point towards the heroic kind. In fact, several events are depicted wherein Kenji expresses his feelings of fear and unease. The character, according to the book series, learns how to cope up with these emotional states through various psychological and emotional training sessions conducted by Dr. Hayashi.

Through the online My Hero Academia: World Heroes mission and its storyline, players can develop their characters and learn about the back-story of each one. Players can choose to follow the story of Kenji, who is among the first recipients of the training, or the other heroines who participate in combat. Other heroes can be seen online too, in the form of screenshots and posters. Players can view the video logs of their favorite heroes and read the description and background information about them on the official My Hero Academia: World Heroes website. However, it has been noted that the player's position in the school hierarchy affects the manner in which they view the game, so it is recommended that one plays the game in this manner only.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes is scheduled to be released in Japan on March 4, 2021. It is believed that screenings and online release has been lined up for select cities in the United States as well. The Japanese version is going to have two versions, one for DVD and the other for Blu-ray. My Hero Academia: World Heroes will definitely rake in great business for Studio Gonzo, the producer of the movie, because it has drawn a lot of critical acclaim from both casual movie watchers and hardcore movie fans. So, if you want to play My Hero Academia: World Heroes, then be sure to look out for the March release date!

Original title 僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ワールド ヒーローズ ミッション
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