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Narco Sub (2021)

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A man will become a criminal to save his family. 2021/1/22 93 min.


Narco Sub is an interesting drug trafficking movie that you might want to try out online. You can easily stream Narco Sub online for free right from our website. This movie is all about The Colombian narcotic cartel, who sell cocaine through their drug tunnel. They often kidnap two young girls to steal cocaine from the US through Mexico. Their scheme is later revealed when a former cargo seal helps the authorities bust these girls from their hideout.

The plot of narco sub revolves around an ex-cop named Alex Winter, who is the ex-girlfriend of an earlier right hand man of hers. She decides to help him get back together with her ex but then the two split up. Alex Winter then tries to run away with the two girls and takes a bus to Florida. There he meets up with another narco sub who then helps him to get a hold of the new shipment of cocaine and proceeds to sell it to the highest bidder.

The story is quite interesting and the way it progresses is what caught my attention to begin with. It is a good story and the way it is developed is well thought out. I always like to watch online movies so I decided to download narco sub movie from our website after I saw it. This movie has excellent images and some very intense music as well.

The whole film is full of action and a very fast pace. My favorite scenes are the ones where Alex Winter and the narco sub dealer meet, where they decide to take a deal, where they go to the sub and Alex gets high on the cocaine and passes out. The drug transaction then goes bad when the buyer decides to shoot Alex in the head. Later on, Alex realizes that he must have been high on the cocaine when he passed out and went into a coma.

This movie has a lot of suspense and a lot of things happening in the background. There are explosions and other explosions. There are many shots where someone is lying on the ground, dead, unconscious, etc. There are also people crawling on the ground, getting shot, etc. The entire movie lasts for less than an hour, but it makes for a great full movie download because you get to see all the action.

Narco Sub is a very entertaining film that you should check out if you like thriller, comedy, and good actors. If you like the story, I would recommend watching the sequel: Narco Men. The first film was more like an urban horror film and it ended up becoming one of the best comedies of the year. The sequel Narco Sub gore thriller will definitely be a hit when it comes to theaters.

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