Never Back Down: Revolt
Never Back Down: Revolt (2021)

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2021/11/15 89 min.


The sequel to the highly acclaimed Best of the Best franchise, Never Back Down: Revolt is set in London. After a series of successful MMA movies, the titular franchise moves into darker and deadlier territory, with young women forced to fight for the benefit of betting millionaires. Anya, an aspiring MMA fighter, impresses a fight promoter and earns a spot in a prestigious tournament. While her training takes her to the dangerous streets of Rome, she finds out there's underground competition that can cost her life.

The storyline of the film follows a group of rebellious women who are trapped in an underground MMA gym. Julian and Anya are sisters who are forced to fight in these underground fights in order to save their brother. The premise of Never Back Down: Revolt is a familiar one, but the execution of the story is somewhat underwhelming. In the end, the protagonists are able to free themselves from their captors, and the movie is a decent, if not disappointing, watch.

The fourth Never Back Down movie, titled Never Back Down: Revolt, stars Olivia Popica and Michael Bisping. The story centers around the characters attempting to stop the villains. Unlike the first three films, this new movie raises the stakes considerably over the previous films. The plot of the film is essentially about two women who are forced to compete in an underground MMA tournament. This will be the first time that an MMA tournament takes place in an urban area.

The sequel to Never Back Down, titled Never Back Down: Revolt, is another misstep in the series. The cast is largely inexperienced and the script is overly boring. It also lacks fights, and it spends too much time showing Aslan running around London. Not a bad movie, but not the best. However, it is an underwhelming film that may have been better suited to a different genre.

The fourth film in the franchise has some similarities to the first. Despite the similarities between the first two films, it still is a bit more realistic than the first. While a few scenes have similarities with The Gate, it is far more dramatic and contains more intense violence. It also features Amy Johnson and Cecep Arif Rahman in the same role. Not to mention the MMA element, Revolt's story revolves around a secretive underground ring.

The reboot of the Never Back Down series takes the concept of an underground fight club and combines it with elements of reality TV. Revolt, like its predecessors, is an action-packed thriller with a premise that is both believable and shocking. The premise of the first film makes the movie feel very similar to the original, but it's a little more violent than the latter. Aside from that, Revolt feels more like a rip-off of the Best.

Original title Never Back Down: Revolt
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