New Gods: Nezha Reborn
New Gods: Nezha Reborn (2021)

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2021/2/6 116 min.


"Nezha Resurrected" by Bob Odenkirk and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton are two of the more popular entries into the ever-popular "Beauty is His Seal" franchise. The first film, simply put, was fantastic... Bob Odenkirk plays Bryan Mills/ John Wickens in an unforgettable role as a former police detective who is the prime suspect in a brutal murder case. He is cleared of all charges after confessing to the killing, however, he must now deal with the aftermath of his own crime... This movie is absolutely worth the time...

In the new movie, we see Bryan Mills once again as a cop, now the district attorney of New York City. While investigating the death of a Chinese woman, Bryan learns that there may be more to the case than he initially thought. A mysterious stranger makes contact with him and tells him of a hidden world in which dragons are the law. When Bryan and his partner, Officer Joanna Harrington, are captured by the dragon-born Shrek (Eddie Murphy), they are transported to a mystical place called the Dragon Kingdom where they meet the powerful Nezha (Christina Aguilera), who is the queen of all dragons (yes, dragons). But will the New Gods be aligned with Bryan and aligned with her or with Shrek?

In the second movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" we see the arrival of the evil fairy Morgana Laquer, who has been tasked by the evil god, Cruella de Vilay, to destroy New Year's Eve and whoever is left of the New Gods. But what comes of this mission when she realizes that it is someone she knows and not a fairy? This is when she decides to help Bryan in capturing a dragon called Spade, who lives in Manhattan. The plot involves Bryan and Spade going after the dragon known as Nezha, who has become aligned with the New God, Shrek (who is also from New York).

There are many things we can take from the trailers for both movies. Both films are action-filled with lots of chase scenes, Chinese mysticism, Chinese symbols and martial arts demonstrations, and Bryan's character, Martin, and Jennifer's role asetta, a Chinese girl, are both interesting. The question remains, who will be the next New God and that movie will be the box-office hit of 2021?

The teaser trailer gave some fans and onlookers hope that "The New Gods" would be good like the first movie, "Mu Lan." Fans went wild and pumped fists at the idea of seeing their favorite Chinese mysticism hero in action. Although Diesel Punk didn't live up to their high expectations, they are definitely keeping up on the genre. For Diesel Porn fans, the next release "The New Gods" is going to be just as exciting and I'm sure everyone will be excited for it.

The Chinese animation industry has been making some fantastic movies here in the U.S., especially due to the rise of online video rentals and sites like iTunes. A large part of this industry is found in online commercials, such as in the video for "The New Gods." This movie promises a lot of character development for Diesel Punk as well as Chinese animation quality. Be on the look out for more Chinese animation features from Diesel Punk in the future.

Original title 新神榜:哪吒重生
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