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Paint the town red. 2021/10/20 107 min.


Night Teeth, the movie, a Sergie production was released in theaters across India and Pakistan a couple of months back. The movie, a remake of the hit movie of the same name, revolves around a young girl called Rawai (habi Mahi), who lives in a small town of India. She is the daughter of an affluent family and has a younger brother named Prem (Vikas Achutha). She was left alone at home, away from the "game", when her family got a visitor - a US soldier by the name of Jake Banner (Koena Sheikh). Jake brings with him his friend Aram (Sahoo Messenger), who also happens to know a lot about this game.

Night Teeth starts off with some funny sequences but soon gets serious as it moves towards its second act. Jake's friend Aram tries to convince him to go to a match but Jake refuses on the basis of old timers saying that only cowboys can enjoy the game. Then, one night while he is supposed to be at a game with his team, he gets phone call from Rawai and gets told about a "game called Night Teeth" being held at a place called Previonight. Before he can leave, Rawai gives him a call and asks him to come for the exciting event.

Night Teeth follows the story of three young men who have come to town to get their hands on the prize winning balls. The game is actually called Baccarat and the audience is treated to a series of games where the players have to guess what color the ball is by matching it with the cards they are dealt. If they guess right, the player gets a cash prize and if they guessed wrong, they loose. The fun part in the show is when the players play against each other in an online tournament and their goal is to make it to the final stage where they will face off against Becanight itself. It turns out that this game is more popular online than at most local casinos and they are trying to expand their franchise by putting it online.

This movie is directed by Luc Jacquet and written by Eric Heisserer, who are both also the co-directors of the hit movie Invictus. It is actually a rather interesting storyline as there is mention of several online companies that are trying to take control of Becanight, through an illegal scheme that involves taking advantage of Amazon Video customers. There are a number of TV shows and movies out there that explore the online community and this one does an excellent job at it.

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