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No Sudden Move (2021)

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Trust is a setup. 2021/6/24 115 min.


No Sudden Move Twenty-One is the newest movie from acclaimed director Mike de Leon. He follows up on the hit The Grey Album with this masterpiece. The story and music are all over the place, from start to finish. From the rock and roll inspired slow jam "We Real Cool" to the piano-laced epic closer, "Reckless and Society," No Sudden Move is de Leon at his best.

What you'll love: Everyone knows that David Bowie made history with his album White Noise, but No Sudden Move picks it right back up where it left off with its brilliant, dreamy music and equally dreamy visuals. His videos for No Sudden Move are as dreamlike as they get, featuring tons of dark, hypnotic, and futuristic footage. You can also expect lots of visual references to classic movies like Star Wars and Star trek, as well as recognizable faces from the worlds of television and film. It's a very cohesive movie from beginning to end, and it's easy to lose yourself in the fantastic world that de Leon creates. It's definitely worth catching if you can get your hands on it.

What you might not like: While it's certainly an amazing movie and well worth the time to see, some of the more dramatic moments (particularly towards the end) may be a bit too far out for some viewers. I for one didn't quite catch this part of the movie. However, I have also seen other people get a bit confused by the direction, so I wouldn't necessarily say that No Sudden Move is "my favorite movie" by any means. For other people, the confusing nature of the movie may be its strongest selling point. Like I said, it's a great movie, but if you don't quite understand everything going on in it or find yourself getting bored easily, No Sudden Move may not be for you.

What it is: No Sudden Movement is a thriller/horror movie that takes place in modern day Los Angeles. It stars Dabney Coleman as Michael Stone, a man who must deal with the repercussions of an unfortunate event that leaves his family dead and him on a road out of life. With the help of an unexpected turn of events, Michael must fight back against those who want to take advantage of his situation. Although I won't say the movie is scary or even particularly suspenseful, it does offer some very intense action sequences that will keep most of its viewers awake at night.

Why it's Worth It: Like I've mentioned above, No Sudden Movement is a great movie that offers plenty of thrills and chills, with a story that's near-perfect. If you like watching young adult movies with excellent actors, then No Sudden Movement is going to be a winner for you. I also like the overall look and style of the movie, as it feels completely professional despite being a movie that's made by a relatively new director. If you're into thriller/horror movies, then you'll love this one. Plus, it's just a really fun movie to watch!

Movie Review: No Sudden Movement starts out as Michael Stone is walking down the street when he gets hit by a car, causing him to go into a coma. While Michael is in a comatose state, his wife Ellen (Lori Singer) decides to take him home to Michigan where she lives. Shortly thereafter, Michael begins to learn that something very bad has happened to their family, and while he's recovering in his bed, his wife gives birth to his infant son, Ryan (Kevin Pollack).

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