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Never underestimate a nobody. 2021/3/18 92 min.


The Walking Dead has had such a big following since the show first debuted on AMC in 2021, that many viewers have been waiting eagerly for the release of a tenth season. However, if you're one of those fans who have been waiting patiently for the latest season to premier, you may want to find out if your favorite character will be returning for the new season before it drops. Based on the popular book series by Robert Kirkman, Nobody is the key to saving the future of The Walking Dead. Season Eight will feature the return of Doctor Carol Clegg, who was featured in the book as the sole survivor of a viral infection known as the plague. She must play her role to the best of her abilities, without putting anybody in danger.

So who might be seeing Nobody this time around? The first episode is called "No Rest For the Living" and it focuses on the final moments that the group got while they were resting at a caravan park. While everybody seems pretty healthy, the outbreak is still spreading and is threatening to kill anyone within a few more days. In the eleventh episode, titled "Dead Zero", Negan, who was presumed dead, makes his triumphant return, bringing with him a new pack of walkers.

This time around, Nobody is played by Steven Tyler, who is just entering into his second year in rehab. He is joined by actress Suzanneorie Liu, who played a major role in the TV series as well as the Harry Potter movie franchise. Nobody is expected to replace the popular characters like Negan and Carol before the end of the season. The actors have also revealed that they've filmed a pilot episode for the tenth season, and there is even a name that is already being used for the character - nobody aside from director and producer Greg Nicotero. No further details have been disclosed yet, though sources have shared that the pilot will contain the theme about a man with no memory.

Nobody was created by Universal Cable Network and is streaming exclusively on the NBC streaming website. For those who live in the United States and Canada, the episodes can be watched live via NBC's website, which you can access via the NBC streaming app (for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile phones). If you're wondering where you can watch the shows, you can find the episodes and stream them instantly through iTunes, Amazon Instant Video or other subscription services. Or you can also buy the DVDs and watch the videos on your computer, television or TV set (streaming doesn't work on some devices, so you may need to buy the special software to watch the videos).

Now, it's true that you may not be able to get the whole month of Nobody. That said, you should take advantage of the promotion since Universal can give back partial profits to its subscribers every month. It's also worth remembering that Nobody is not the only streaming network out there, so it will never be necessary for you to subscribe to multiple services just to catch the best shows. You can subscribe to NBC for six months at a time for an entire year and gain access to a bunch of high quality programming.

The popularity of Nobody is further enhanced by the fact that it is provided for streaming on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Mobile devices. With the availability of such a wide range of tablet devices, it is expected that more people are going to stream the show. You can simply go to the NBC website, purchase the app and download the streaming player for iOS or Android. Once you have the player, you can then start enjoying the episodes of Nobody at any time of the day, while you are watching something on your favorite TV in the house. You may have to wait a few days until the Nobody episodes have been uploaded for streaming but that shouldn't stop you from watching the show whenever you want!

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