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Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 (2021)

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2021/10/27 97 min.


Nobody Sleeps in the Woods by Pawel Jankowski is a Polish horror-thriller starring Joanna Bonjurer as the beautiful yet morbid Countess Melkor. No one knows who she was back in 1999, since her untimely death at the hands of her husband,adows her death and the subsequent events that unfold a few years later. Now, twenty years later, her daughter, Judith (Marta Kasikoff) is being haunted by the same dark ritual that killed her mother, and she decides to hire a ghost hunter in order to find out what really happened to her beloved mother. Unfortunately, this man has other plans. With the help of a new friend from their previous lives, the girl is on her way to solving the mystery of her mother's death and stopping a dangerous killer before it takes her life once again...

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods is one of those rare Polish horror films that manages to combine the conventional with the macabre. In terms of its plot, the movie follows a young woman (Bonjurer), who is slowly growing apart from her parents (in this version of the story, the parents are both dead). She moves into a nearby woods, where she shares an unusual relationship with an unknown young woman, who works there as a cleaner. The woman is the one who finds her dead body in the woods, while nobody else notices it due to the woods being closed at night.

One thing that stands out about Nobody Sleeps in the Woods is just how effectively it combines the elements of a horror movie with elements of a comedy. It's obvious that Pawel Jankowski wanted to make a movie that has the hallmarks of a horror movie but with a bit more levity. Many Polish horror movies have been made that feature humor, and the makers of Nobody Sleeps in the Woods have managed to combine it with enough hilarity to make the movie more than just a little bit funny. That combination is what helps Nobody Sleeps in the Woods stand out from the rest of its peers.

There is a lot of blood and guts in the movie, yet the humor manages to flow throughout the entire movie without any excess violence. The film is definitely a slasher movie, but it doesn't try to be at home amongst the other gore fest that are regularly put together these days. Instead, Jankowski mixes in some horror elements with enough humor to make the movie a memorable one. Even if you haven't seen the original Polish movie, you'll find that Nobody Sleeps in the Woods is worth your time just for the interesting characters and story. If you have seen the movie, then the story will probably stick with you better because of the way it mixes the different elements.

Some may find that Nobody Sleeps in the Woods is not exactly a horror movie. In fact, it has a much more light-hearted premise than a lot of the other horror movies that you'll find on today's big screen. Instead of vampires and the dead, this version of the story revolves around a group of friends who must deal with some insomnia. This is told through the point-of-view character of Kajganick. Although the story sounds like a traditional slasher movie, it is actually very light-hearted and can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

For anyone that has watched Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Ton and seen the second movie in the series, you know that the third part is simply amazing. There is no doubt that the first movie was fantastic, but people are raving about the second and third installments as well. It is definitely worth your time to see the movie, if you haven't already seen it. Fans of horror movies are raving about the film, and the author even seems to be getting more excited about making a new movie on the series. Hopefully we'll get some more news on a Nobody Sleeps in the Woods part 2 soon!

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