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See you down the road. 2021/1/29 108 min.


Nomadland is a dark comedy that is entertaining both young and old. A woman journeys through the beautiful American West after losing all of her belongings during the economic recession. Now she must make her way across the wild west and survive the people, wild animals and the dangers that lie in store for her. The nomad's journey takes her across the famous canyons and onto the plains, where she lives out her life. The scenery is simply breathtaking, as is the riding experience.

Nomadland was shot and produced by Tom McLaughlin and his producing partner Curt Smith. The duo had previously made acclaimed movies such as A History Of Violence. For the making of Nomadland they hired a number of Hollywood veterans, most notably Lee Strasberg and Warren Lewis. Strasberg is responsible for the original score, which includes the memorable "Dogs" music theme. Lewis played the title role, which has become a cult movie classic. Both actors have also won Academy Awards for their work in Nomadland.

Nomadland is available for those who prefer to view it on the computer. The film can be purchased online and downloaded. However, it is not offered in any conventional DVD format. The only option for purchasing Nomadland online is to rent from one of many online video rental companies. A simple search on YouTube for "Nomadland" will yield several videos for rent. Each has been reviewed by viewers and has been found to be entertaining.

It would seem that Nomadland may have been destined to be one of the few films to make an appearance online, given the high popularity of online video sharing sites. As such, Nomadland may well succeed in establishing the online video rental business that is presently so vital to the future of the film industry. The film has already opened the door for more online video rentals, and it is expected that more movies will soon follow.

Nomadland's success does raise a host of questions about the future of the film industry itself. Will traditional film distributors and movie theaters continue to lose market share to online video rental companies? And if so, what form of revenue will these companies actually be able to generate? These are important questions that need to be answered before the current trends in the film industry begin to reverse.

In the meantime, Nomadland provides a unique and refreshingly original comedy that anyone can enjoy. The internet has allowed audiences to gain access to previously unseen films, and this has led to more people being able to enjoy quality films online. In fact, Nomadland has already become the talk of the online movie world.

Original title Nomadland
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