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It's only a matter of time. 2021/7/21 108 min.


Old is Gold. That is the premise of "Old is Gold." Starring Michael Caine, Kevin Costner and Glen Ross, this is an interesting film that doesn't shy away from the oddball elements of storytelling. It's also packed with one-liners, which are sure to become some of the most quoted lines in the coming years.

Genre: Old western. The film focuses on an aging old man (Michael Caine) who, after decades of good life, is hit by a bullet meant for his horse. He is an old man now, unable to recall much of his past. His surviving relatives are determined to help him "wear off" his years and enjoy a good old age in the process. There is an old saying that bestows upon the individual who best understands the human condition, "old age gracefully."

Characteristics of Respondents: Most of the survey respondents were seniors aged 65 and older who were living in a suburban home. Also, most of the respondents were men, most of them were retired. Also, most of the respondents were from a middle-class background, earning an average income. Online respondent response rates were above average.

Three-quarters of the survey takers described their desire to be as "old" as possible. They said they wanted to grow older, look older, and feel younger. Most wanted to have a family someday. To have more time for hobbies and interests.

Do Older Adults Report Experiencing Aging? Yes. Online respondent responses show that older adults report experiencing aging and loss of memory. While not directly related, aging and loss of memory can go hand-in-hand. Older adults report experiencing lessened ability to do physical activities.

Does Younger Adults Having More Energy and Live Longer Life Spans? Yes! The online responses indicate that older people live longer and have more energy. Older adults are at least physically healthier and have higher self-esteem than the young. What can you do to live long, healthy life spans and feel younger?

Are There Physical Symptoms of Old Age? Yes! A questionnaire designed to measure the physical effects of aging revealed many physical changes that occur with aging: decreased bone density, muscle strength, joint health, mental alertness, heart rate, body mass index, and more. These changes affect how older adults dress, speak, eat, and perform activities. This survey of older adults revealed some "real" physiological effects of aging.

Older adult survey participants described fewer activities they enjoyed. Fewer leisure activities meant they spent less time socializing. Some older respondents described feeling bored more often than their middle age peers. older respondents also described having less energy, fewer mental alertness, and less complex thoughts than their middle age peers.

Older adults also described greater difficulty getting around their area (home). Some of these factors are linked to social isolation. However, it is unknown whether social isolation is a cause or a consequence of older adult disability. older respondents were independent, but some indicated they had limited needs for assistance with personal care.

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