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Family is who you make it. 2021/1/29 110 min.


Alexander Lauderdale Palmer, wasn't just United States Attorney General from nineteen twenty-one to twenty-three; he was also, United States Senator from nineteen twenty-three to twenty-nine. Besides his long term involvement with the government, he's also best known for leading the Palmer Raids during the Red Scare during nineteen twenty-one to twenty-five. This was an operation conducted by the federal government, which was intended to root out "agents of the enemy" in the United States.

After conducting this investigation, the government arrested ten radicals including four women and one man. These individuals were accused of being members of the Comforter Union, a radical socialist organization. The charges didn't stick. They weren't proved guilty. They were simply released, while the government promised to continue to look for any further "agents of the enemy" within United States.

So then, how did the film Palmer relate? Well, it depicts a period in American history when President Theodore Roosevelt had enacted the Palmer Raids. And in the film, Palmer is depicted as being ruthless, and a tough guy, who doesn't really seem to care what happens to anyone else.

But there's more to this character than just toughness. His real name is Theodore Roosevelt himself. After the raid, he went to work on his book about the raid, which was to be his final contribution to the great, written literature of our time. And he would go on to become the youngest American president ever. And later that same year, he would die in office.

Before you start watching the film, I actually recommend you reading the book itself. Because there's much information provided through footage, as well as interviews with other people involved in the book's events. Also, you'll find out that the book isn't that long. In fact, you can read it in about fifty or sixty minutes, tops.

Palmer was an incredibly important figure in American and world history. If you've never heard of him, then this is a film that you should look into. It's truly an excellent example of how a film can tell an entire story through the medium of storytelling alone.

I have read a lot of biographies and memoirs recently that focused on historical figures like Palmer. Usually, they focus on one of their most striking characteristics. And in this case, Palmer is no exception. While he had a lot of criticism for American troops in Vietnam, he also had harsh words for Americans in general, especially the way the war was conducted.

As you probably know, Palmer didn't end up being re-installed as president after the war. However, his legacy lives on. The film is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you're a history buff and want to experience a bit of what happened during that era, then this is a great film.

Palmer's book was made into a brilliant movie and directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. The book itself is an incredible tale of the political and personal side of Palmer and his rise to power. I'm positive that anyone who enjoys a good romance and war film will enjoy this one. And since it's already available on DVD, it's worth checking out and purchasing. You may just find your favorite scenes.

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