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Our fate is in their paws. 2021/8/9 86 min.


Let us get this off my chest. The people reading this article for a PAW Patrol review are not the target demographic. Still, the new movie, Paw Patrol: The Movie, is gearing up for its release on the big screen. In addition to starring guest stars like Goldie Hawn, John Cazale, Meg Ryan, and Edward Herrmann, the movie also brings in some Hollywood veterans to fill some voice roles.

One of these is Edward Herrmann. He plays Paul Varjak, an escaped slave who becomes an integral part of the story. Although he starts out as a minor character, later on viewers will learn that he means a lot to the lead character, Dave Stutler (voiced by Robert Wagner). Although Stutler does not have much of a speaking role in the movie, he is still able to say some memorable lines. For example, when one of Dave's followers asks him where Stutler is, he responds by saying, "He's hiding somewhere."

Another veteran Hollywood star who stars as a major character in this movie is Goldie Hawn. In fact, her presence in Paw Patrol: The Movie may very well be what attracts more kids to the genre in general. The first time I saw Goldie Hawn's name in the title of a press release I was extremely excited. I had only seen her in a few films, but she was the biggest name I heard during the hearing about this movie, and it was very clear that I wanted to see more of her in a Paw Patrol feature film.

Another great voice, we are introduced to in the movie is that of Autumn Reeser, who plays the role of Delores "Pap" Reeser. Autumn is one of several female Pugs who work for the pet store owned by Mike (John Lithgow) and Dawn (Daryl Hannah). They are the target audience of this movie, which is centered around the theme of pet ownership and the different feelings children have toward owning a pet. Reeser's voice seems to fit the role perfectly as she tries to be a good mom to her four pups. Although this is just a small part of the story, Reeser sells the character very well.

The movie also features another great voice that comes into play very frequently in this movie: Carol Burnett as Mike's wife, Beth. It is clear that this movie is meant to be a vehicle for Carol Burnett to show off her acting talents. The role of Beth has been given some interesting development as the movie progresses, and I think that fans will enjoy seeing what sort of emotions she goes through throughout the movie. As the owner of a pet store, Beth must deal with problems that arise from both her job and her relationship with her son, as well as dealing with other employees at the pet store who are not so understanding of her own love for dogs.

Overall, The Paw Project: The Movie is a fun and enjoyable to watch for people of all ages. Although it is intended for younger children, it does have some adult elements as well. The movie has excellent animation and excellent special effects. It is a fun family film that I would recommend to people who enjoy cartoons, action-filled movies, and who like their pets to be featured prominently in the story. I would hope that The Paw Patrol: The Movie does become a popular motion picture that continues to entertain children and adults for years to come!

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