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2021/2/25 80 min.


Come Play With Me is a new internet-based children's movie which tells the story of five-year-old Violet who lives with her parents in a small rural town in Austria. Violet's father works long hours and comes home only to cook for her and eat dinner. Her mother, though well educated, can't work outside the home, as she has a tendency to get up very early to pick corn and potatoes for dinner. Violet's younger sister, Katja, tends to get into mischief and does not obey her mother. When a boy named Alex moves into the neighborhood, Violet's parents start to worry about her safety, as Alex is described as "mentally unbalanced".

Come Play With Me follows the mischievous adventures of the five-year-old as she tries to win the affections of the quiet, bookish older sister. As the movie progresses, we learn more about the dynamics of a typical family unit and how children deal with sibling rivalries and peer pressure. Violet's boredom and anxiety are displayed through her constant searches on the internet for interesting video games and youtubers. She even tries to join a fantasy football league so she can win the affections of her crush, Eric. The movie also depicts the perils of a divorce as Violet's dad becomes more distant, while her mom continues to work long hours to support the family. Eventually, Violet realizes that it is important to have open communication with her siblings and that being able to talk to their parents and talk with other kids is important as well.

Come Play With Me was one of the most popular kids' movies of 2021, garnering more than a billion views in its online DVD release. Fans of the movie would be happy to know that the movie can be purchased from many online retailers at very reasonable prices. Many sites offer discounts up to 75% off the retail price! So not only did the movie achieve huge success on its DVD release, but it achieved huge popularity on the internet as well! You can be certain that it will be making quite a few appearances on lists of top DVD rentals this Christmas season.

Come Play With Me was one of the most talked about movies in the summer and fall of 2021. It spawned a sequel entitled Letting Go, which featured the return of Violet, leaving Boots and Eric behind. In the second film, Eric is seen dating a woman named Alexa, who happens to be the mother of one of Eric's friends, AJ. Though it is obvious that the two will not be getting along from the get go, they do end up spending some quality time together in the end. As is typical of kids playing with siblings, the two boys eventually find themselves locked in the basement after a disastrous game of hide and seek.

A very entertaining sequel, Come Play With Me 2 offers both a fun premise and a number of classic children's characters. Once again, it is played out in the home. This time, there are five children that are in the house: Boots, Eric, David, Tiny and Rico. They all participate in the TV show in an interactive setting, where they each have a doll and dollhouse they live in. The first few episodes feature a bit of a twist: each kid is asked by his or her mom to come to the TV and pretend that they are playing a game on the channel, while the rest of the family watches and comment. It is clear from the beginning that this isn't going to be a simple set-up, but it is definitely entertaining.

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