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Some stories should never be told 2021/1/28 87 min.


If you love movies and you love your kids then it is time to watch a movie together. It is important that both of you get comfortable with watching each other's favorite movies, and that both of you do it often. Why not make your next family night an event that everyone will remember? That is what a movie night at home can offer. A fun and relaxing experience, you can both enjoy, as long as you go to a movie that you both love! Here are some ideas for movie nights at home.

Fall Special: September has just been here, which means it is time to start preparing for the upcoming holiday season with this special movie series. Admission starts at only $5 and with special introductory offers available for groups and families. Plus, at the conclusion of each show, there is a free screening of the most recent movie in the series (so you never miss out on your favorite movies). This September also hosts the very first annual Kidnap Hollow premiers, where local teens get free tickets to watch the very latest in their very own playhouse classic, and they can bring their friends!

One Event: Each year during September, we have one event where our beloved children come dressed up in their Halloween costumes and venture out to a local playhouse to watch a classic movie series. This one event is usually open to small groups so that smaller families can attend. For this one event you are encouraged to dress up in your child's Halloween costume, and it is also important that you all arrive on time. For the safety of the children and your own well being, it is best to call in the professional Playhouse Manager or one of the neighborhood children dressed as a ghost, ghoul, or witch prior to the arrival date to ensure no accidents take place.

Two Event: For those who love watching horror movies and want to have a chance to be a part of the event, there will be two events for you this summer. The first one is the "Halloween Horror Nights" playhouse movie premier where professional actors and actresses from the movie will be in town acting and mingle with other guests while acting out scenes from the movie. During the evening you will have the chance to meet the cast, greet the professionals, and maybe even strike up a little conversation. Don't be afraid to visit the playhouse before the movie to see what happens on the big night and be prepared for some fright!

Two Event: Last but not least there is the official Playhouse Party of the 2021 Halloween. With the help of the internet, the Playhouse Party of the 2021 Halloween will feature two fun days of entertainment where guests can dress up as their favorite superheros, ghosts, monsters, and more. On the morning of the party, guests can hop in the p.c vehicles that are parked outside. At night time you can get your fill of food and drinks at one of the restaurants around town and go home to a fun and relaxing night in the p.c world. This will be the ideal way for kids to get to experience the thrill of the Playhouse Party of the 2021 Halloween.

These Cohen brothers are set to bring back the magic of the Playhouse Party of the 20th century. The movie is being directed by Greg Garcia and written by Dan DiBergi, and is expected to be released in theaters around September of next year. In the meantime, get your fill of fun by visiting the websites listed below. Enjoy!

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