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Pro and cons. 2021/11/4 116 min.


One of the hottest movies this year is Red Notice, starring Nicholas Cage and directed by Steven Soderbergh. The plot revolves around a man (Cage) whose late night job as a cashier at an "empire-funded" movie studio turns sour when he's arrested for insider trading. Escaping through a tunnel, he realizes that all his cash has disappeared... With the police on his tail, he flees to a neighboring town where he lives among movie watchers. Although he's accused of theft and turned over to the authorities, he's soon found missing and presumed dead. His friend Mikey (Cage's son) desperately needs his help to get out of a life of crime, but he too is after the same information, and gets himself scooped up by two crooked cops.

Based on the novel by Joseph Keough, Red Notice is a low budget movie with some very interesting twists. It's one of those "you've got to see it to believe it" type of TV shows that doesn't necessarily have a lot of high production value, but the performances of its characters do make it worth watching. Cage plays Mikey, a loner who works at an emporium selling video cassettes, but he's also a con artist and thief who has a penchant for selling illegally stolen goods. His friend Sandy is a smart and attractive woman who works at an online store that specializes in selling jewelries, while her friend Patti works at a store that specializes in renting movies.

Throughout the movie you'll find many different characters playing different roles, although none of them actually have very significant speaking parts. Most of the supporting cast consists of a couple of extras that simply show up to add a little humor to the movie (Cage plays the owner of the store and has a very brief speaking role). The true star of the show is none other than Patti LaBelle, who plays the head of the online store. Her character is over the top in her enthusiasm for selling jewelries, and she appears to be the go-to girl for every customer. The funny thing is that the customers that are shown shopping at Amazon Video are all looking for Red Notice items.

The true story behind the making of Red Notice starts with Amazon Video creating a commission off of all of the DVDs that are sold on the site. They want a way to ensure that their customers are getting legitimate and quality products, so they set out to create their own competition. They create an incredibly easy interface for customers to purchase jewelries and watches from a website called Red Notice. Customers can then place their order through the website, which is operated by an ever energetic and friendly California woman named Jennifer Lawrence. The online retailer jennifer lawrence is extremely good at what she does, as she has been an internet marketer for many years and she loves anything to do with running a website.

When it comes to the movie itself, Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead role as the kind of online marketer who always seems to be up for the latest trends. Brie Larson plays the role of Patti LaBelle, and she is a character that you would definitely recognize from any of her previous roles. The two leads play the role of twin sisters who are also running the online store, and they also have a massive amount of competition from a ton of different people that are trying to get their streaming video taken care of. At the end of the movie you absolutely can't take your eyes off of Brie Larson's character since there is simply no replacement for her talent.

All in all, Red Notice is a unique streaming movie that is filled with a lot of humor and is directed by none other than one of the most beloved actresses of all time, Jennifer Lawrence. It is definitely worth checking out and seeing whether or not you like Brie Larson or not. Red Notice definitely lives up to its name, and is definitely worth downloading.

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