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Taking his wife was their last mistake. 2021/1/8 100 min.


Redemption Day is an 2021 American sci-fi action thriller movie directed by Hicham Hajji and starring George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr. and Samy Nacerpi. The movie also stars Michael Caine, Yul Brynner and Emmannuel Chriqi. It was intended to be a possible sequel of Men in Black (2021). It was later released as a feature-length animated film on the Disney channel. It was later banned by Disney after one scene was found to contain gambling content and its release was never made again.

The story revolves around a patriotic American Private first class man named Johnny Weiss, who is part of the United States army and is stationed at Joint Base Balad Air Base in Egypt. On this day, he along with other members of his unit are briefed by their officers on the upcoming redemption day in America. According to the ancient texts, when America is going to be reborn as a great country again, they will wipe out all the wicked people who governed over the ancient country. The evil regimes which were ruling over various countries of the world, namely Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Uganda and others will be wiped out of the face of the earth. This movie deals with the ancient history of America and their struggle to become a great nation.

Johnny Weiss is telling to rescue his friend and fellow soldier Samy Naceri who were captured by terrorists in the middle of the desert. Samy is given a chance to free his friend by shooting down the terrorists' truck that is carrying a number of Chinese weapons. Meanwhile, Weiss and Naceri make a plan to rescue the civilians in a village called El Kayf that has been attacked by terrorists. However, their luck goes bad when they are captured by Al Qaeda and their guide, Abu Ghasa, turns out to be a terrorist who plans to bomb the liberated town of Samy.

The movie is about the journey of Samy and Naceri to free their friends. They succeed but are soon faced with more problems. The whole movie is very interesting watching how the U.S. marine captain goes into a risky situation to save his crew. The storyline is based on the real-life events which transpired in the middle of the Gadalla Gulf when American soldiers took over a military base which was being held by the Gadalla tribe. Gadalla tribe was oppressing the local population and the American forces surrounded the Gadalla tribe and shot down twenty-nine of their men. This is why many people today feel that the movie called redemption day in Syria is a successful attempt to teach the world how soldiers should deal with the villains who occupy their lands.

After the attack, the Gadalla tribe demands full payment of the money demanded by the Americans. If the money is not paid, they will kill all twenty-nine Americans and burn down the American consulate. In order to save the embassy, Samy and Naceri organize a huge and well-planned ruckus that attracts not only the Americans but also draws the attention of the entire Arabic and Iranian populations. When the ruckus is over, the Americans demand their money back but the Gadalla tribe rejects this offer.

Many have criticized the movie for having too many scenes that resemble the old movies which showed the same things almost verbatim but with better acting skills. Nevertheless, many see redemption day as a successful example of how an ordinary group of people can rise up to fight against a major international crime ring. The movie also showcases how ancient Persia, a country which was not even considered a great power during the time of camels, managed to conquer its enemies. Furthermore, Samy Naceri's portrayal of a local boy as a strong and capable fighter will no doubt be appreciated by both the Persians and the Americans. Indeed, redemption day will likely become one of the most widely distributed movies of the Islamic calendar and its worldwide acclaims should it live up to expectations.

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