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Don't look back. 2021/8/19 116 min.


Introduced only to Asia during an era of U.S.military influence, reminiscence quickly found an audience grappling not only with profound cultural and linguistic change, but also with sudden out-of-state immigration and domestic political instability. This poignant film about the "other America" of Colorado Springs finds the city's red-hot jazz scene juxtaposed against the grinding steel and machine-driven urban jungle of post-war America. Though originally intended as a short film, it gradually grew into a full-fledged motion picture, earning critical acclaim and winning several awards.

In these critically acclaimed features, award-winning director Mike de Leon proves that he is a masterful storyteller and cinematographer as he ushers us into the life of six aging, reminiscious former Beatniks who reunite in Colorado Springs after decades apart. Enlisting the talents of acclaimed actors from Hollywood, such as Edward Norton and James Russo, as well as several notable artists, Reminiscence traces the history of these unique characters through their individual yet parallel journeys toward old memories and renewed vigor. A portrait of the human soul, this film is a rare visual treat that lingers long after its anticipated conclusion.

Set in the quiet, rural west of the Colorado Springs area, a series of tragic, isolated events lead these six aging, broken souls to find renewed strength and true friendship in each other and in the simple yet powerful lives they pursue in their final days. With a resounding score featuring the harmonic harmonies of jazz, blues, gospel music, and contemporary favorites like O jays and Bluegrass, the movie's upbeat mood and sense of energy make it an interesting, if somewhat whimsical, foray into the hopeful memory lane of the human condition. With an overall mood that is both light and airy, reminiscence is a beautifully balanced movie that is at home when the scenery is picturesque or serene but never dull or listless. With tender, personal touches throughout, the movie is certain to become a favorite of viewers young and old.

Reminiscence chronicles the progress of the relationships of the main characters over their last several years, building depth and clarity with each revealing layer of story. The journey does not discriminate but instead embraces a broad spectrum of people from different backgrounds and stages of life: gay couples, divorced parents, widowhood, childhood memories, childhood traumas, a beloved pet, sporting memories, an aging parent, war veterans, and many others will find themselves relating to this touching film. It is worth noting that the film is not for the faint of heart as it contains quite a few brief but upsetting scenes. Although the subject matter may be sensitive, the message is one of hope as friends and family come together to celebrate the achievements and life of each character. Whether you are a lifelong fan of this timeless story or only a casual watcher, there is no denying that reminiscence is an exceptional viewing experience that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face.

As previously mentioned, Reminiscence chronicles the progress of relationships through the candid interviews of those involved but also includes archive interviews as well as studies and additional information from various experts. Through careful research and meticulous storytelling, the film helps to provide insight into the different stages of dementia, the factors which increase the likelihood of developing the condition, and the many ways in which the brain's memory can be affected. This poignant documentary reveals the many ways in which we all can prevent the onset of dementia and enjoy a happier, fuller life through making a few simple changes to our lifestyle and daily habits. For many people, especially those who have suffered from depression and other mood disorders, the act of caring and maintaining a relationship is difficult, but the benefits of having strong, lifelong bonds can extend beyond these boundaries by positively affecting the development of other areas of the individual's life.

Reminiscence is available in two formats: DVD and online. Each format offers a unique perspective on this important subject, allowing the viewer the opportunity to hear directly from the psychotherapists, doctors, nurses and caregivers who were privileged to experience the effects of the disease or conditions being discussed. There are many reviews online highlighting the many benefits of both formats and the impact of reminiscence on patients and their families. In order to gain access to these services, you will need to register with a reputable and trusted online supplier of this kind of service. Once you have registered, you will be able to access the online database and navigate through the pages to find the kind of information and support you need.

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