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Resort to Love (2021)

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Paradise is about to get complicated. 2021/7/29 101 min.


Resort to Love is a superb romantic comedy directed by Mike de Leon. It's the perfect romantic comedy you'd want to watch with your significant other. If you are looking for a movie that is filled with heart-pounding sequences, spectacular settings, and an amazing plot, then you need to give serie a go! In this movie, a pair of cousins (Emma Stone and Alexander Sklar) go on a vacation to their uncle's (Martin Sheen) farm in the mountains. The only problem is that nothing ever goes wrong on vacation, but this does not stop the two cousins from getting caught up in the dangerous, and sometimes unscrupulous, business of farming.

The plot revolves around a middle-aged, wealthy, and established family with a long-standing tradition of quality service to its guests. However, when word gets out that the family is holding a secret annual resort retreat, a series of unfortunate events unfold that puts the resort and its guests in jeopardy. The movie starts out as a relaxing getaway for the couple where they bond over their shared passion for the sport of golf, but as the weeks go by, more secrets are revealed leading towards the explosive climax of the movie.

There are many other factors that make Resort to Love an excellent choice for viewing on Netflix. First, aside from the beautiful scenery, stunning beach views, and wonderful scenery throughout the island, the music in the movie is fantastic. Several songs by The O'Jays are performed throughout the movie and are quite popular among viewers who enjoy this type of music. The music adds to the relaxed atmosphere, yet also gives the story a much-needed emotional push towards the end. Another great thing about this movie that makes it worth your while to try it on Netflix is that it has several excellent sound effects, creating a realistic setting for the adventurous family vacation.

What separates Resort to Love from other similar movies that are available on Netflix is the romantic subplot between Serena and Alex, two newlyweds. This relationship is depicted in a subtle manner throughout the movie without giving the viewer any desire to intervene or meddle in the marriage. Although this setting might be found in other similar movies, nothing compares to the slow-burning romance depicted in this movie. Serena and Alex's story represent the best of the fantasy love stories, since they are a perfect match for one another because they are so incredibly different. Viewers who enjoy watching movies about overcoming past hurts will find this movie a great complement to their usual viewing of the fantasy genre because it focuses on the pains that people experience in life instead of the magic they wish for.

During the course of the movie, Serena develops several romantic relationships, which is what makes Resort to Love one of the best rom-coms of the year. Another element that adds to the overall emotional power of the movie is the voice of the main character, Alex. His voice is soft yet powerful, perfectly conveying the emotions that are displayed by Serena throughout the movie. One of the only characters whose personality is shown through the movie is the newly-minted, but dim employee of the resort, Jacob. The storyline is built around the fact that he desperately wants to be part of the couple, but he doesn't know how to act or talk like them, making him seem a little off even in his own home.

Overall, it is hard to find a good negative review of Resort to Love. The main character, Alex, is not the most interesting character in the movie, but this movie does provide the romantic elements that many people look for when they are looking for a great Netflix rom-com. The musical and dancing sequence at the beginning of the movie is among the best comedy sequences seen on Netflix, which is also something that many people enjoy. Overall, it is difficult to give any negative review to this movie, as it provides the romance that many people want from a Netflix rom-com.

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