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Ripper Untold (2021)

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No one is safe. 2021/6/28 85 min.


Ripper Untold is the first true horror movie in decades. It's definitely not your run of the mill monster movie. John D'Amato, the director and star of the film is at the helm for a classic horror film that is sure to put the fear of god in the hearts of viewers old and new. The movie begins with a bang as a newly married couple is enjoying their vacation home in Ireland.

Just when they are about to have some wonderful time lying back on their plush sofa enjoying a movie, they are abruptly invaded by a masked serial killer. He threatens them and then proceeds to brutally kill them both. One of the victims even dies right in front of his wife. It's enough to make you shiver, it is that suspense that makes Ripper Untold a modern day classic.

John D'Amato is at the head of the hunt for this serial killer. As he searches the countryside for clues, he comes across a series of grisly murders that are reminiscent of those of H. P. Lovecraft. What he discovers in the area though, is much more than a simple series of grisly murders. There is something else altogether lurking in the dark. A diabolical villain by the name of Valentine Mazegan is the true mystery that surrounds this dark figure.

Ripper Untold is based on a true story which was told to the author by one of the victims that were involved in the serial killer case. Mr. Mazegan is believed to have killed as many as nine people over the years. He is supposedly the last surviving serial killer in Ireland. The investigation that he is involved in is so far-fetched that police are actually interested in talking to him as well as his brother regarding this "mystery".

The movie is definitely a gory and entertaining movie that any true-blooded fan of horror movies will love. Its realistic portrayal of a serial killer being responsible for such atrocious acts is enough to give any true-blooded horror movie enthusiast a good dose of glee or thrill. Just remember that the writers do not intend this to be a kid's movie. The violence in this movie is of a very adult nature.

Don't forget to check out Ripperuntold on IMDB if you haven't seen it yet. Directed by none other than Clint Eastwood, this movie promises to be another winner. The DVD release has been getting good reviews from critics and audiences. If you haven't picked up a copy, you should get your hands on this one right away.

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