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Rogue Hostage (2021)

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Free the hostages. Or everyone dies. 2021/6/11 94 min.


Rogue Hostage is a video game based online role playing game. The game presents to be an interesting experience as you have to use your head when fighting against waves of the undead and the demons. In the game, you are assigned as the ruler over an island called Serie. There, you have to maintain peace by making alliances and making war with neighboring islands. However, the island may fall under attack from pirates, marauding armies and even from the dark magician who threaten to destroy it.

There are various things you need to know about Rogue Hostage: The First Encounter. It has been released in October 2021 and promises full movie entertainment with great graphics and sound effects. This is the first release of this video game that attempts to deliver horror, suspense and adventure. You can buy the Rogue Hostage game directly from the Internet or from certain retailers who offer this kind of gaming products. If you do not want to wait for the official release date, you can also watch back the trailer for Rogue Hostage below.

If you are planning to make your own video game reviews, then Rogue Hostage is definitely not your average PC game. The game is more like a horror movie or an action/adventure game. People who played the game commented that it is like the film Saw. The story begins two years after the events of Saw movie. A man named Ben Valentine is found dead in the streets of London while he was having an affair with his secretary, Brie Larson. He had asked her to go to France with him, but in the end, she decides to stay and work for him instead.

Now, since Valentine's death, Larson has taken over his office and uses her new found skills to help her people deal with the threat that exists in their midst. With the help of her new associate, Mattieezvous, they track down the terrorists' base and discover the reason why they have kidnapped Larson's niece, Beca. This movie is definitely a must watch if you love adventure and horror movies.

Another great movie you will definitely want to check out is the twenty-first century prequels to Alien. It takes place one hundred years after the events of the original movie. In this movie, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) goes on a mission to find her father who is still alive and is working on research on another planet. However, she gets lost and ends up at the mercy of the creatures that live in the sewer. Expect to see a lot of xenomorphs and horror movies coming from this one. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy horror movies, but not those who only watch horror movies to kill time.

The last movie I want to discuss is the twenty-first century sequel to Hostel. This movie is also directed by Ridley Scott and written by him. This is the movie everyone should see if they love scaring as well as thriller and horror movies. Expect some good acting, breathtaking scenery as well as plenty of blood shed. You can watch rogue hostage online free streaming at my website link below.

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