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Isolation is a killer. 2021/2/26 82 min.


In this week's newsletter, we feature a Safer at Home movie review. The movie is based on the book "Safer At Home: Creating Strong Linked teams in Emergency Situations" by John M. Maxwell. It is interesting and educational and a good read. As the coordinator for a large non-profit organization, I am always amazed at the media coverage of emergency preparedness and how prepared our Public Relations department has become. I was actually glad that we had the foresight to do a movie. It's a good message, and one that should be remembered and practiced.

My biggest beef with the book is the title, which is a bit overstated in my opinion. Although there are many excellent practices that are recommended in the book, it does tend to overstate the case for being Safe at Home. For instance, it recommends encouraging friends and families to work together in a response to a disaster by creating strong, coalitions. Although I agree with the principle, I do not think that creating "coalitions" among friends and family makes much sense in a real-world situation. Moreover, it is generally not suggested that physical distancing would make much difference in an emergency situation, only that communication is important.

I also do not find the suggestions in the book that it offers for safe social distancing to be very helpful in a situation where most people would stay home. I would guess that Maxwell believes that people who do not regularly go out are less likely to be as safe as those who regularly go out. However, in reality, it is usually those people who stay home that are the ones that create threats to emergency personnel and to the general public. I would also speculate that those who go out and are not even really sure what is happening are at a greater risk for having a home invasion or even a home invasion incident.

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