Secret Magic Control Agency
Secret Magic Control Agency (2021)

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2021/3/18 104 min.


The Secret Magic Control Agency is a very enjoyable online comedy. The story line is fantastic, the acting is great, and the overall production values are top notch. I always enjoy online comedies, but this one has a little bit more edge than most. If you like to see magic and a bit of fantasy in your movies then The Secret Magic Control Agency is a definite watch. It's not as thought-provoking or talked-about as other online comedies, but it's certainly worth a look.

The movie begins with a man named Stan (Edgar Ramirez) who wakes up one morning to find himself in a strange location. He assumes that he has had a nightmare, but when he gets back home he sees that his clothes are missing. As he goes about investigating his disappearance, he meets an old woman named Ariel (Jared Rushton). They hit it off and she tells him about an organization that controls magic for people in several different circumstances.

Once he joins they begin to investigate a series of kidnappings that have been taking place. This leads them to an even deadlier secret - there is a war going on between various kingdoms of magic. Ariel leads them to the location where there is a battle going on. At the end of the movie we learn that there is a powerful gem called the Golden Ring that can control someone's mind and can be picked up by the unsuspecting.

The reason why this book is a modern day retelling of this ancient tale is because it actually makes sense. The online adaptation does an excellent job of retelling old stories while making them entertaining and sometimes shocking. Some of the events in The Secret Magic Control Agency go a little far, but this is a fun and entertaining read.

The movie itself isn't too far off from the original, but it is a modern day retelling. That makes it more entertaining and fun to read. People online seem to really like The Secret Magic Control Agency and are talking about it all over the internet. This is another one of those fantastic books that has gained a huge following since it debuted online.

A magic control agency is not as simple as it sounds when you first read the book. It is a complicated world full of secrets and lies, and the people running it are after something very specific. They want total power and control over the people around them. Secrets can be dangerous and if the wrong people find out, then they can cause chaos and destruction. So don't mess with the law when you are trying to get the job done.

Original title Ганзель, Гретель и Агентство Магии
TMDb Rating 7.9 770 votes
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