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2021/3/5 80 min.


Winner of more than 100 awards, including best animated feature at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Sentinelle is an outstanding animated masterpiece. With a breathtaking portrayal of a post-apocalyptic future France teeming with life-threatening zombies and other dangerous creatures, the film leaves you breathless. In the wake of a traumatic experience, an elite, carefully trained French soldier returns home following a disastrous combat mission to find his sister... who has become a zombie? Now, the only way for the hero, Arleux (Diane Lane) to protect his sister is to travel across Europe with a ragtag band of comrades, in order to locate a safe haven.

The film is widely praised and its popularity has led to Sentinelle becoming available to watch online. While the movie is certainly classic in it's style, it is also a delightfully funny and entertaining movie. I especially enjoyed the excellent voice talent of Bill Murray, who does a great job of capturing the characters' emotions. Viewers are also treated to some exquisite special effects, which are sure to thrill any fan of animation.

For anyone unfamiliar with the story, the premise is simple. A young girl named Sentinelle (voiced by Carol Burnett) lives in an isolated house with no form of communication. Her father, an abusive warlord, refuses to leave, even for a brief moment. When he arrives, Sentinelle is very upset and takes off running. Armed only with a metal detector, she searches the surrounding woods and eventually discovers the skeletal remains of her deceased mother and father.

Upon further inspection of the remains, she finds a human skull bone, which leads her to believe that there may be other living people inside the isolated castle. Armed with only a metal detector, she begins to journey through the darkened halls, searching for more of the undead. Armed with only a flashlight and her metal detector, Sentinelle must find the rest of the way through the dim and dark forest, searching for the dark knight...

As you can imagine, the movie isn't perfect. The acting is sometimes uneven, the plot can easily become convoluted and disorganized, but overall the movie is a fantastic watch! There are many internet sites which allow you to rent this movie online. Most of these sites offer free movie downloads, so you don't have to worry about spending any money at all!

Overall, Sentinelle is a superb animated fantasy movie. It's extremely funny, filled with excellent original songs, and has a great cast of characters. If you enjoy watching animated movies with great story lines and animation, then I would highly recommend Sentinelle. The graphics and the special effects are both great and the movie just sounds like a high quality DVD quality movie!

Original title Sentinelle
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