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The movie, which received wide publicity through the internet and international media has become a hot ticket movie among the movie watchers. Seobok is the brand name of Seo Bong, a well-known Korean food chain. SEO Bok (Korean: ; Hanja: ; RR: Seobok), is a sci-fi thriller movie directed by Lee Yong-jong and starring Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Jang Young-man and Han Yeo-jung. principal photography for the film began in May2019.

The story of Seobok revolves around an interdimensional exterminator named Lee Yong-ju, who tries to protect Earth from the merciless carnivorous aliens called Vorkos. The hero of the film is Jeong-seo who becomes the public's desire to have a hamburger named Seobok. This hamburger is produced from rare meat called Phaenol. This rare meat cannot be found in Earth so the company Seobok creates an interdimensional duplicate of Phaenol to create the desired taste. This creates a problem for Park Bo Gum since his burger is too expensive. The story then revolves on the question if Park Bo Gum can produce a burger that tastes good enough to eat.

The Seobok brand of products is offered in various websites online. These are bought by various Korean celebrities like Kim Tae-young, Namgoong-man, Haeundae, Kim Min-ho, Dooji, Kim Soo-min, Sung Hee, Ha Jung-kyu and several others. All these celebrities are the perfect endorsers of this product. The company has also developed the catchphrase "Seobok, It's Your Burger" which is used as the marketing strategy for the product.

This movie has received universal acclaim since it has become very easy to understand. You will never find a stupid question in this movie. The plot is also very intricate, which is why even a five-year-old child can understand it. You can also see that Park Bo Gum is not given a hard time while filming this movie as he is assisted by a number of excellent actors.

The storyline is about Park Bo-Gum and his encounter with Seobok. This is also where the story of Park Bo-Gum becomes very interesting as he finally realizes that the hamburger that he is eating is not really a hamburger but it is a fake one. This then prompts him to join the Seoul Olympic Games and compete alongside his former intelligence agent friend Seobok.

Another interesting thing about this movie is the fact that it is based on the recent novel of the same name. This novel revolves around an American teenager who accidentally creates a biological clone of himself. The clone then goes on to revolutionize Seoul and make Park Bo-Gum a celebrity. I am looking forward to watching this movie very soon.

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