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Legal Separation is a process by which a legally married couple can formally acknowledge a de facto separation even while staying legally wed. A legal separation, also called a separation amicable, is granted by a court order after the completion of an investigation into possible child abuse, adultery or other reasons justifying divorce. The divorce laws of different countries differ, but in general any country that grants divorce requires at least one of the spouses to be a citizen of that country. However, a person not of age who has custody of a minor child may file for a separation amicable. In some countries, a legal separation may be filed only if there has been violence towards the other parent or children during marriage. There are several ways to initiate separation amicably including:

Marriage certificate An application can be submitted to the Registry of Divorce, which is controlled by the Family Court of the country where the marriage occurred. This application should contain the names and addresses of both parties. It is important for couples filing for separation to follow the same procedure as married couples. The Registry of Divorce keeps records of all marriage certificates so that the divorcing couple can obtain a copy of their respective divorce papers.

Payment of Separation Determining how much time will be spent apart and the amount of separation period allowed depends on various factors such as the financial situation of the couple, length of marriage and duration of separation. The Court may request the applicants pay the cost of the separation period in one lump sum. The spouses may also agree on a regularized payment schedule for a fixed number of days, months or years. In most countries, the Court makes these decisions. A few countries allow individuals to pay the costs of separations through tax payments.

Child Custody and Support It is recommended that couples with children choose to live apart for a short period of time prior to getting a divorce. This allows each parent to have some time to reconnect and re-establish family life. If this is not possible, then a simple agreement for temporary child custody and support may work. It is important for parents to work out a fair plan that ensures both parents receive what they are entitled to based on the current circumstances of the case.

The Family Code of Procedure on Divorce provides an outline of the divorce procedures for all courts throughout the country. This includes information on how to file the application for separation, how to prepare the separation agreement and how to settle all outstanding financial matters. If one of the partners has filed for bankruptcy protection, the Court must provide a copy of this to the other spouse. This information is required to prevent the Court from granting more than one settlement and to ensure the Court sees the competent side of the divorce proceeding.

There are many different types of Separation Agreements. These include Regular Separation Agreement, Conditional Separation Agreement and Pre-Divorce Separation Agreement. It is up to the court whether or not to approve a pre-divorce separation agreement. The Court is not required to divide assets, provide alimony or child custody during the separation. However, it is always recommended to seek a competent attorney for legal advice and to review the agreement for clarity.

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