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A new movie that just debuted on the big screen called Silk Road promises to be a very unique and entertaining movie. The movie stars Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and Ben Kingsley. This movie is based on the life of the famous silk road entrepreneur Silk Roader Mark Faber. The movie has been producing buzz since it was released and is set to open in theaters later this month. I have always loved movies that explore the lives of different people who are somewhat famous and even famous for a short period of time.

Silk Road is directed by Tiller Russell, who also produced the movie. The movie is based on the life of the legendary silk road entrepreneur Mark Faber, who became known as the "father of modern online stock trading". The movie traces his rise and fall from a hard life as a washed-out drug addict to the man who is now one of the world's richest men. The film shows Faber's trials and tribulations as he tries to balance his desire for control of his company with his basic needs and desires.

Faber played by Michael Douglas plays Faber, a calculating and ambitious businessman who played a key role in the birth of the stock market. As you may know, Michael Douglas has also played different characters in movies such as Rain Main and Something's Gotta Give. Ben Kingsley is also in the movie playing his best known role in his career.

I have enjoyed this movie because it tells an interesting story and examines a little-known part of history. The storyline is well thought out and provides some excellent character development. The online stock market trading in the movie is quite realistic. Faber's character, Mark, uses online trading and becomes a billionaire while at the same time suffering financial and emotional troubles.

It is true that the movie is based on history and the Silk Road is mentioned a lot in the movie. However, I must say that much of what happens in the movie takes place online and does not have any relevance to reality. For example, during the battle between Napoleon and Robert Equillard (juries that leave both of them disfigured), a French officer rapes a French woman named Fabien who then dies in childbirth. This is an example of fantasy in the movie and even though it might be an interesting storyline, it fails to make much sense when analyzed in real life.

I would recommend watching this movie after a good movie. I saw it online first and then went to a movie rental store to watch it. The experience was excellent and there were no major flaws or expectations left after the movie was over. Overall, this movie is worth a look especially if you like historical fiction with twists. I certainly did.

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