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Sing 2 (also known as The Singular Song) is an upcoming movie based on the life of RZA. Directed by Justin Lin, the movie promises to be one of the best RZA movies since his early work. With an all star cast comprising the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Martin, and Will Smith it looks like Sing 2 will be a hit. This is my Sing 2 review and I hope it does the job for you. Let's get started.

RZA is back with his third album of wonderful songs featuring artists from throughout the globe such as The Killers, Rihanna, and more. With an all star cast including Djimon Hansu and wife materialist Beyonce Knowles they surely can make any ensemble dance their heart out to their favorite music. I'm looking forward to seeing this exciting new direction taken by the late great artist. This Sing 2 trailer seems to have the quintessential hip hop movie set in the late 21st century. Set in a crumbling city ruled by a ruthless syndicate that owns the Tower Theater complex and its glamorous redrival Broadway marquee we find ourselves in the colorful city of New York City during the late 21st century.

Lin's genius is capturing the sights, sounds, and smells of the ever changing New York City. With locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and more we are introduced to new characters as our hero begins to rise through the ranks at the Tower Theater amidst the crackling electric sound and dazzling lights of the spectacular show. Will our new hip-hop hero succeed or fail? This Sing 2 review will reveal whether or not Lin is a genius or a jackass in terms of directing a movie. I have always liked Will Smith as an actor, but this movie could use some work given the somewhat poor acting that I have witnessed throughout the movie.

With the backdrop of New York City set against the backdrop of smoke filled night, the story follows Will (Smith) as he rises through the ranks at the Tower Theater hoping to reach the illustrious lion rooster that resides in the luxurious offices of the theater owner. The rich colorful screen shots help to build the illusion that we are watching the legendary lion Rock lion Calloway take his place on the top of Broadway. There is also some superb cell phone and fashion video footage throughout the movie that really adds to the level of glamour. Will Smith plays the role of an up-and-coming hip hop star who is quickly becoming famous in his own right. In essence, Will is trying to establish himself as a legitimate artist with the hopes of getting himself signed to the labels that would give him the money that would make it possible for him to create some well thought out music and release some singles in time for New Year's Day.

Will Smith and Lin should both be commended for creating such an interesting plot that revolves around a budding artist preparing for his big moment in the spotlight. But it seems like the film was tailor-made for him to be successful. Will Smith has always had good supporting parts in movies and his role in this movie is no different. His character is likable and believable, and the chemistry between him and Lin is also quite evident. This is not the type of movie that gets lost in the many other recent releases that have run rampant on the box office.

Sing NYC hits theaters just a week before Thanksgiving and you can expect a lot of commercials throughout the year leading up to the premier. If you live in New York or are going to be going to the city this year, you may want to make the drive out to the Big Apple for the first time in order to enjoy the hit musical. If not, there is plenty of local television available for viewing on your home TV set so you can see the movie when it comes on during the annual holiday. And hey, it's worth the trip!

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