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Space Sweepers (2021)

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2092, the space sweep begins! 2021/2/5 136 min.


After arresting a notorious space pirate, the Special Forces unit "SPACE STRIKE" must deploy from an undisclosed and heavily guarded space ship. When boarding a captured courier, the squad is greeted by a deadly BOSS SERGEANT who wants them to surrender. But when they discover the girl being held within, they realize this girl is the same girl wanted by UTS Space Guards... The girl is brainwashed and is taken on board as part of the special forces crew. When a battle between the evil SERGEANT and his evil troops ensues, it is up to spacemen SPY CARROTS to stop them.

The film is directed by none other than Morgan Freeman (rating: PG), who brings an amazing cast to life. Also featuring in the cast are Diedrich Bangerz, Joshua Jackson, and many more. With an amazing climax and a fantastic finale, "y" is a definite must see movie...

If you have never seen Space Sweepers or any of Morgan Freeman's previous films, you should definitely check this one out. Like many of Freeman's previous roles, this one also stars Dan Aykroyd, who did not receive as much attention as some of the others who played Space Guard. I do wish they had more screen time, but Aykroyd does provide enough action to keep viewers interested.

The movie is available for rental online. You can also watch it right away via the internet stream. However, the picture quality can be a bit poor when watching online. It is a shame, because the visual aspects of this film are top notch. If you are going to rent a Space Shuttle movie, Space Sweepers should definitely be in your list.

Many of the websites that offer this film for rent are offering it for a very low price. They usually offer it for about forty dollars. Because of the incredible visuals, I would recommend these rentals if you have not seen it yet. Otherwise, you will probably need to add many other movies to your VHS player just to catch up.

One of the best things about Space Sweepers is its fantastic storyline. There are several different endings, which give viewers the chance to feel like they are a part of the Space War. My final thought for this film is that it is definitely worth a look. Although it has only been released recently, it is already making a buzz on the internet.

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