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Spirit Untamed (2021)

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Adventure awaits. 2021/5/20 88 min.


Spirit Untamed is an animated adventure movie, a sequel/ Spin-off of the very successful 2021 animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and also being a CGI remake of the well known Netflix show, Spirit Riding. This movie is the third film in the "Ghost Rider" franchise and is directed by Miguel Carpio. Spirit Untamed tells the story of Billy, who has an untimely death and is left with a ghost-like motorcycle doll. When Billy (Carpio) awakens from his coma, he finds himself on a ranch named Pleasantville. There, he reunites with his former lover, Summer (Haylie Duff), who is played by Jennifer Aniston. Also back in the cast is Antonio Banderas as sheriff Victor.

Spirit Untamed revolves around a series of events which take place in and around Pleasantville, Colorado. This small town is populated by a family of four, who include Billy (Duff), his best friend Candy (Heath ledger), his brother Rico (Modern Family's Michael Caine), and their adopted daughter Summer (selves played by Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuesta). The four are taken into the unknown when their car is stolen by the vicious "Wolves," who are out to get revenge for a previous loss. In the process of defending themselves, they encounter several other supernatural beings such as a vampire and a talking fox and also face off against some Chinese Men.

The movie Spirit Untamed features some well-known voice actors such as Diego Luna as Billy, Jennifer Aniston as Candy, Heath Ledger as Rico, and Kaya Scodelario as Summer. However, the movie is actually centered on the life of Billy Borne, who was played by Diego Luna in the first film of this franchise. The first film of this franchise was a box office hit and made three more movies afterwards. The latest movie in the Spirit Untamed series is called Dead Man Walking.

Aside from the life of Billy Borne, Spirit Untamed also chronicles the adventures of his teenage sister Summer (Aniston) and her friends. The story traces her friendship with an older boy named Damon (Caine) and his quest to find his long lost dog Spot. In addition, there are some famous TV shows that can be found on Spirit Untamed such as L.A. Noir and Chuck and Nancy. There are also many online TV shows, which can be viewed via the internet like Haven television shows which are based in California and Long Island.

There is an entire cast of notable characters in the movie Spirit Untamed (2021). Along with some of the leads, there are other lesser known characters and background characters. I especially love the chemistry between Aniston and Damon. Their relationship and chemistry were the highlight of Spirit Untamed (2021). It just shows how well crafted the movie is.

Overall, Spirit Untamed (2021) is yet another great movie and I recommend it to anyone looking for a decent spiritual thriller. If you want to watch untamed movies online then try out the ones in the internet genres such as horror movies, science fiction, fantasy, action, and thriller. There are many online TV stations that broadcast these kinds of shows so you can choose the one that you prefer.

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