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Secrets run deep. 2021/7/29 139 min.


After growing up in a small town in the Midlands of England, five young friends begin their adventure in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With the help of their friend, they discover that there is much to learn in this idyllic town. They are helped by a cute, yet mischievous robin (Michael Chiklis) who encourages them in their quest. Together they encounter many challenges including the Stillwater witch (Sandra Oh), a boy who is autistic (Alan Searle), a sadistic rodeo bull (Mark Linn-Baker), a foul-mouthed police officer (Lawrence Murphy) and more. The funniest scene involves Addy (Adrianne Nicholson) who loves to make the most of every opportunity while being quizzed about her dreams by the others.

Notes on a Scandalous Holiday: An otherwise forgettable kid's movie, A Scandalous Holiday is a fun time for Stillwater fans. After the war, a couple of British servicemen come to America and are welcomed into the country by a rancher (Kevin Pollack). While enjoying a nice meal with his neighbors, he spots some trouble brewing in the form of an escaped convict. This leads him and the others to investigate, finding that the convict is after a gold ring which belonged to the previous US President (OP).

The Duffeters Are Here: Part 2 of The Duffeters are Here follows the story of two newlyweds who get lost in Stillwater while attempting to go on an unforgettable cruise. Peter (James Belushi) and June (Duffy Caterer) manage to make it through the night, but are then trapped on a strange boat where they must use a flare to signal for help that never comes. Once safely back on land, the happy couple run into trouble with a gang of muggers who want to steal their cargo of gold. Movie-goers will probably enjoy Stillwater because it's just so funny!

The Y2K Story: When Will We Meet Again? This one stars Will Smith as the man who invented the new millennium computer, the Y2K. He goes into a news conference with the president about the new machine and explains how important it is. Just when everyone is expecting the worst, Will turns out to be the savior of the world. Movie-goers will probably enjoy Stillwater because of its timely content and the crazy plot involving technology.

The Cable Guy: In this movie, Steve Martin plays a clueless cable guy who visits Stillwater, Oklahoma. There, he attempts to solve a series of problems. He even teaches people about the dangers of Internet addiction. The Cable Guy is one of many online movie streaming free movies that you can watch. It has great humor and Martin provides one of the best impressions of a clueless old man.

Overall, Stillwater ranks as one of the best movies commissioned by Marvel ever. Even without the superpowers, Steve Martin managed to create one of the most hilarious movies in history. Other great movies sets since then include Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Spider-Man Homecoming. So, if you're in need of a good time at the movies, try Stillwater; you won't be disappointed.

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