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Family fights as one. 2021/8/18 110 min.


An innocent girl, sweet and beautiful, is found dead in her own home. A noble, gentlemanlike man vows to bring justice to all those accountable for her untimely death while also protecting the only family he still has - his young daughter. But the man of steel, Christian Grey, arrives in time to save the girl while battling the perils and evils that are a part of the modern world. What begins as a clash between good and evil quickly develops into a powerful and mature story of friendship and duty.

The Sweet Girl (also known as Sweet Virginia) is based on a true story of a young woman who was the perfect child, so much so that her parents had her sent to boarding school at an extremely young age. The woman had a beautiful, sunny personality that even her classmates found appealing. Yet behind that facade, she was a secret sweetheart to a rich pharmaceutical company man. His wife, having heard of her "secret siren" from a friend, hired the services of a private detective to find out the identity of the girl.

The detective tracked the sweet girl to an isolated farmhouse whereupon he found out that she was being held prisoner in the manor. Inside, the hitman threatened to kill her unless he paid his fee of fifty dollars in cash upfront. Unbeknownst to the sweet girl, her captor was Christian Grey. Grey had been hired by the pharmaceutical company to guard the compound where the deadly chemicals were manufactured. He knew that the woman's life depended on the safety of the compound and that failure to keep it secure could mean dire consequences.

The hitman performed the duties of a loyal and faithful boyfriend while also using the money he earned from working for the pharmaceutical company to buy the rights to a new drug called Pulse. He offered the girl over six months in which to pay off her debt and leave. Six months later, however, word leaked that Christian Grey was a drug addict and the family was desperately seeking someone to care for their daughter while they were away. A former lover of the sweet girl, Madison Avery, a young woman working as a nanny in the Pittsburgh area, stepped forward claiming that she had witnessed Madison committing crimes such as murder and rape.

Based on true events, the movie feels like it was written just for Sweet Girl. It involves a young woman in a dangerous world where crime is common and everyone seems to be out for her life. The story line involves many twists and turns as the character develops over the years. In the end, the movie feels like a coming of age story as the young woman comes to terms with the terrible choices she has made and comes to grips with the fact that she loves a man who abuses drugs.

Movie lovers will definitely appreciate the engaging storyline that elevates this movie to another level. Fans of crime fiction and thriller will enjoy the slow pace of the plot and how the viewer is kept on their toes just waiting for the inevitable. Overall, Sweet Girl, No One but You is a Manuel Garcia-Rulfo crime thriller that audiences will find both entertaining and romantic.

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