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2021/7/29 N/A min.


The Colombian horror film Tarumama is a tense thriller that follows a family who go on a vacation to the woods to find a baby. While there, the couple's relationship suffers a crisis, and strange events ensue that threaten the family's survival. A woman searches for her baby but soon discovers that she is pregnant with Oscar's child. As the tension escalates between the two, they must stick together to survive the trip.

After their nocturnal encounter with the strange woman, Sara is traumatized by the ghostly presence. Her family is threatened and she finds herself terrified of losing her son. In the process, she finds herself at the mercy of the terrifying Tarumama. As she pursues her son, she realizes that she has become a mother, and this fear has a devastating effect on her family's relationship. This psychological thriller is unlike any other horror movie out there, and will shiver your spine.

While the film isn't available to stream or buy, it is well worth a watch. It deals with a disintegrated family, whose mother has lost her child in a fast-moving river. It's a compelling drama about marriage and marital trouble that seeps into everyday struggles. However, if you're considering renting or buying this film, make sure to get the right DVD or Blu-ray copy. The price is right!

The story of the family is at the heart of Tarumama, making it an entertaining and surprisingly well-made film. While the film's performances are solid, its ending falls flat. While it contains few shocks and jumps, its strong family dynamics provide an important emotional and psychological connection to the film. But even though the movie's ending is a classic story arc, it feels too conventional and lackluster to make it a worthwhile watch.

In 'Crying Damn', the titular character is a local variation of the myth of La Llorona, which was made by a Colombian filmmaker. The film will be released in cinemas in Colombia on July 29. The trailer has been removed at the request of the copyright holder. It will be available online on August 30 and is a slow-burning study of the implosion of a family.

The film's family dynamic is carefully observed, and its performances are excellent. A strong cast lends support to the story. A strong cast makes Tarumama a memorable and effective horror movie. While it is a sombre film, it does not shy away from tackling complex themes in an elegantly paced narrative. While it may have a dark tone, the film is a compelling watch. Its beautiful mist-covered mountain locations are an essential part of the film, and the actors have an excellent performance.

Although the film's director is Colombian, it's based on a book by Carlos Aguilera. 'The Secret of the Magic Potion' is an animated film about a talented young druid. It was originally scheduled for a 2020 release, but COVID-19 shut down cinemas and delayed post-production, meaning the movie's premiere was pushed back until now. The film is now being distributed domestically by Cine Colombia, and will also be shown internationally next year.

Original title Llanto Maldito
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