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Nothing stays lost forever. 2021/1/14 112 min.


The Dig is an intriguing twenty-nine-year-old movie directed by Simon Stone, set in pre-war America in the silent age. The book itself is about a team of treasure hunters who are ordered to dig up a mysterious and very large stone named The Dig. The stone somehow changes its shape and then disappears, but not before the diggers are given the dangerous task that may endanger their lives. Stone wrote and directed this movie with a script that has been sold to several producers but has never made into a feature film. However, the movie did receive positive critical reviews from viewers and many called it one of the best films of the year.

The movie begins in New York City, where a mysterious and courageous woman (Lily James) and her boyfriend (Ralph Fiennes) head out for a ride. On their way, the couple encounters a number of mysterious men who take Lily along for the ride. One of these men, John (Carey Mulligan), becomes the object of desire of one of the other men, Dig (Ben Chaplin), who also happens to be from New York. But when John and Dig go missing, the search for their bodies becomes more complicated and tense.

To add to the tension, The Dig also chronicles the personal lives of some notable New Yorkers like Paul Kermit, John Paul Jones, Alice Fielder, George Murphy, and Edwin Stamp. The film has garnered mixed reviews from movie critics and fellow actors, but nevertheless, the movie managed to win several awards at various award ceremonies including the Golden Globe Awards, Screen Guild Award for Best Picture, and director for Original Screenplay. The film also received good business when it opened in overseas markets like Japan, China, Germany, and France.

In recent years, the franchise has been revived several times. Most notably was the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, which starred Anne Hathaway, Alexander Flores, Marilu Henner, and Sidney Poitier. The movie failed to garner the same critical acclaim as its predecessor, The Dig, but it did manage to garner a few viewers who enjoyed the story and acting. On the other hand, Disney made a sequel to The Pursuit of Happyness, titled The Mysterious Mansion. Though it retained many of the elements that made The Pursuit of Happyness so beloved, The Mysterious Mansion introduced new characters and introduced a whole new plot.

The digital video disc version of The Dig also included new scenes, which were not present in the movie. It is possible to find several online clips featuring parts of the movie, such as the opening, closing, and credits. But the most exciting thing that can be viewed online is a running DVD copy of the movie. Many people collect the DVDs for their collection and to relive the blissful moments of the movie.

The movie just about caps off The Dig, and the cast including Alexander Flores, Sidney Poitier, and Anne Hathaway more provide an entertaining outing to what could have been a bad movie. People will either love or hate The Dig, but no one will ever claim it is a bad film. Even if you haven't seen the movie, you have most likely at least seen the DVD version. It is highly recommended.

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