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The Funeral Home (2021)

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The Funeral Home in Serie, New York is a very special place for me. My Father was a director of the funeral home until he passed on at his age of 95. When I visited him there many years ago, I remember being stunned by the interior design and decor of the building along with the warm hospitality of the staff.

Today, the Funeral Home in Serie, New York continues to serve the communities in many ways and has even expanded into a second facility. The Frank E. Campbell Laid High School Cemetery is located across the street from the funeral home. The cemetery at Campos lies adjacent to the cemetery owned by the family of the late Frank E. Campbell.

The funeral home also serves the town of Serie, which is close by. The buildings sit right on the border of the Serietown village and were designed to blend into the background of the village's landscape. Many local families have referred to the funeral parlor as a beautiful oasis of tranquility and beauty. The Town of Serie is home to many notable homes, such as those of former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and actor Ben Kingsley.

The building contains two buildings, a ground floor commercial facility that houses a receptionist and a physician's clinic, and a first floor funeral home that contain the interment area for the deceased. Some of the interments are open, while others are closed. The family may request that a viewing to be held prior to the actual cremation. In the event of a cremation, the casket will be removed from the building for the immediate cremation. The remains will then be taken to the Serie Laid Cemetery in New York City.

Burials will usually be conducted in the cemetery with the casket being placed inside an outer burial container. The deceased will be given a notice of service in the local newspaper prior to their death. Family members are encouraged to attend the service. The funeral provider will then prepare the body for mummification. This process will last for several days to a week.

When the bodies find their way to the mortuary, the remains will then be prepared for exhumation. The mortuary will generally notify the families of where the bodies are located once this step has been completed. The remains will then be taken to the cemetery for final preparations. The funeral director may also make arrangements for flowers to be arranged at the cemetery. These procedures all take place before the bodies are ever found.

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