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The Harder They Fall (2021)

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A new day is dawning. 2021/10/22 139 min.


The Harder They Fall is a movie that I had absolutely no interest in. The trailers and TV spots did not do much for me, but I finally went and saw the movie on the big screen. What I found was that The Harder They Fall was a great movie, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Written and directed by Greg Berlanti, The Harder They Fall revolves around a group of teenagers who escape from a mental institution after it's taken over by a gang of criminals. One of them, an escaped convicts, has guns and plans to shoot his way into the facility to kill his mark. This turns into a gun battle at the facility, which spills into a gun battle at the school and then into a full-scale chase that leads to a gun battle at the street. Oh yeah, and there's a huge chase scene with cars being shot at, and even a couple of police cars are damaged in the chase. It's just a lot of fun stuff happening.

The main character is a boy named Jonathan. He's an orphan whose family is very rich and who runs away from home to join his cousin in Colorado. There, he meets up with this other boy, called Travis, who has an older brother who's also involved with crime and drugs. It seems that the two of them are good at blending in with the environment they're in. But once they escape from the facility and join up with the other boys, they find that they have much more in common than they thought.

The Harder They Fall has some great fight scenes. The fight scenes between these two brothers is what makes this movie so great. I especially loved when their friend decides to try and stop them from getting their friend back. Once they succeed, the boys run off with their cousin as they steal a truck and head for a new life.

The trailer for The Harder They Fall had the perfect blend of humor and adventure. The first few minutes are fast-paced, with a couple of humorous moments thrown in for excitement. I really liked the way the trailers started out with a shot of a drug addict selling crack on the side of the road, then we cut to the car chase where the cars come to a screeching halt and the two criminals get out of the car. Then we cut to a shot of the criminal getting out of the car and chasing after the two boys. The car chase then cuts to the two boys getting out of the car and running after the crook.

The Harder They Fall definitely lives up to it's title. The Harder They Fall starring Christian Audigier, Michael Gambon, Daniella Costello, and Joshua Jackson creates a great western subplot with a dose of humor. The movie definitely live up to it's name as an awesome film. The Harder They Fall is going to be remembered for generations to come as one of the best hard western movies ever made!

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