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Some things never let us go. 2021/1/28 128 min.


Based on the true story of a corrupt cop, The Little Things tells the tale of how an ordinary man's quest to achieve personal freedom collides with his desire to protect his best friend. Deputy Sheriff Joe "Deke" Deacon becomes involved in the case of a brutal murder that takes place in the swamps of Florida. While investigating the crime, he discovers that another department agent, Sgt. Jim Baxter, is also involved. Together, they pursue the killer through the swamps and forests of Florida, using a set of extraordinary tools known as the Internet and mobile tracking devices. As they trace the suspect, Baxter becomes aware of a disturbing secret: Deke is part owner of an Internet company that makes high-tech equipment accessible to law enforcement agencies...

In this prequel to the successful Rami Malek/ Showtime drama, Detectives Patrick Swayze and Vince Vaughn, now both seasoned detectives, must investigate the murder of a former child actor. In this prequel to the hit movie, the murder is solved using technology that is like nothing seen on television. The Little Things is an updated version of the Swayze/Malek series.

Detailed and provocative, The Little Things is a claustrophobic whodunit that showcases the cutting-edge investigation techniques of two seasoned detectives working in the Los Angeles area. As is typical of its genre, the movie plays on the tension between the private detective (Swayze) and the press agent (Baxter). The movie's detective, Patrick Swayze, solves a series of small crimes using a mixture of his technological tools and traditional legwork. Swayze utilizes computer forensics, interviews, and surveillance tactics, while Baxter uses traditional methods of interviewing, investigation, and persuasion to solve the crimes. Together, they form an uneasy bond investigating the seemingly random series of murders that take place in and around Los Angeles, from the suburbs to the city.

Based on the true story, The Little Things follows two detectives (Swayze and Baxter) as they seek out the perpetrators of a series of brutal murders. They uncover a string of murders that seem to be connected and delve further into the disturbing secret behind the victims. Using a wealth of modern technology, including cell phones, smart cameras, computers, and the internet, these detectives use their combined knowledge to solve the crimes and bring those responsible to justice. The Little Things follows the investigation of a series of teenage girls who were brutally murdered, all but one of them, a girl known as Celia. The media and the local police department, with the help of an outsider, try to unravel what happened to Celia and how the murders could have occurred in such a serene and seemingly serene area of the San Fernando Valley.

While The Little Things were not as successful as it was hoping for, it did manage to score a number one ranking on The New York Times bestseller list. The book has since been turned into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep and has been turned into a number of critically acclaimed films and TV shows. It is also widely considered to be a cult comedy classic and has won several awards, including the Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture - Drama and Best Screenplay. The success of The Little Things is somewhat of a surprise considering that it was self-published and that nobody really knew about it prior to its release. However, many on-line readers were left impressed by the book's pace and style, and the little things that made it a fun and fast-paced crime thriller.

The Little Things by Beverly Barton makes a great addition to any home library. This quick and easy read will provide years of entertainment and educate without ever diverting from its theme of bringing us closer to the joy of true path along with the understanding of how we can better ourselves through small things. It's a simple concept that draws upon our most natural desire to feel happy. Whether you are dealing with personal tragedy or just need a little pick-me-up in the morning, this novel will leave you feeling happy and lighthearted. Barton offers great advice and great characters to help us all on our journeys through life and she has indeed found her own little things to bring happiness.

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