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The Many Saints of Newark (2021)

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Who made Tony Soprano? 2021/9/22 120 min.


Yes! The Many Saints of Newark is actually one of ten day-and-end date movies this season on HBO Max, while it's always good to support your own local theater. The Sopranos almost always were appointment television, and therefore it wouldn't be too surprising to see The Many Saints of Newark play very well at the local box office. It's certainly worth a look!

As previously mentioned, The Sopranos was quite a big hit. So it makes sense that there would be a streaming version available as well. It will be available for those who enjoy catching up with what's happening in the world of New Jersey crime and mob wars on their laptops or HDTVs. In fact, it will probably be the only thing you'll be able to find on those devices when you leave the house!

The movie itself is an engrossing prequel/sequel to The Sopranos. Yes! The Young Saints of Newark as it's called, or as it was originally called, The Saints, is the prequel. There's even a segment where Tony and Carmela catch a glimpse of what may have been if they hadn't gotten thrown out of the apartment building at the end of the last season. Oh boy...

What makes The Many Saints of Newark an interesting choice for streaming is that it has an excellent cast. Yes! People like Michael Soprano, Arle Ginsberg (Ray Liotta), Joseph R. Gannascoli (Joe Mantegna), and Nicole DiCarlo (Jane Leeves). If you want something with a little more substance than "The Sopranos" had in its early episodes, this is the show for you.

The other interesting thing about The Many Saints of Newark, prequels and all, is that it has an ad-free plan. Why? Well, I don't know if you know, but it seems like the producers of this original series wanted to make some money off of the many people who would see the show and enjoy it. So, they decided to offer up a free viewing option for a certain number of people.

By watching The Many Saints of Newark at home on a standard DVD player, you get a viewing party going in the home. This is great because there are many things you can do at home with your family and friends while watching the show! So, whether you want to watch the series finale, the pilot, or the opening credits, you can do so with the help of this unique advertisement. The look and quality of The Many Saints of Newark on DVD are top notch and you'll be glad you added this show to your list of movies to watch on DVD.

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