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The Misfits (2021)

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They're not bad guys. They just steal from them. 2021/6/10 94 min.


The Misfits are back with a vengeance. As they try to save one another, the young players will need to brave many unknown aspects from snow-filled winters to treacherous mountains, to get out of the most perilous game ever. The Misfits is based on the book The Ghost Children by C.L. Jameson. This movie is a faithful continuation of the original story and also features original music composed by Thomas Newman. The movie has received warm movie reviews from both fans and critics.

The Misfits is the third film in the hugely popular franchise of the same title about three teenage girls who survive the first attack of a vampire and the second! They escape from the cabin in which they live during the night, only to face the arrival of a killer who takes them captive and tortures them for information about the upcoming nuptials of their friends. In the meantime, the other two girls run away to join forces with each other and the new vampire in their lives, while the evil Victoria is locked in the cabin crying her heart out for the blood needed to sacrifice her soul to appease the gods.

The movie has received mostly positive reviews from viewers. Most viewers praised the acting and the special effects. They claimed that it was a memorable and thought-provoking start to the series. However, some were not satisfied with the plot as some believed that the novel should have a longer time to develop and it was too repetitive. Some also felt that the characters were underdeveloped.

The Misfits novel series follows the adventures of four ordinary people who find themselves caught between the good and evil. One of them is Alice, who falls in love with Dan, a war hero in the war against vampires. Another is Brianna, who also falls in love with Dan but becomes his best friend. Then, there is Max, who falls in love with Alice but cannot confess his feelings because of his belief that everyone deserves a second chance. The last is Sydney, who falls in love with both of them but is unable to join them because of his status as a squire.

The novel starts with the death of Alice's mother while she is babysitting Dan and Brianna. Shortly after, Alice's best friend, Max, arrives at the scene while she is tending to a dying man. He has seen the misfits in action and after saving Alice, he asks for her help in searching for the real killers. In order to help the team, Alice agrees to help Max look for clues in the local area but on the first day of looking, the community centre finds out that all the kids have gone missing. The police are soon after them and the novel keeps turning to Alice as they struggle to deal with the mass hysteria.

The Misfits books are set to start a whole new series so this book could very well become part of the series. It is already selling very well in the UK, and I am sure it will sell well in the USA as well. The novel is not too bad and I really liked the characters. The artwork is great and the book is just about all entertainment you would expect from an award winning author.

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