The Ogglies: Welcome to Smelliville
The Ogglies: Welcome to Smelliville (2021)

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2021/1/1 85 min.


Welcome to Smelli: Welcome to the New World, an online comedy from the people who brought you Bridget Jones Diary. It's not as much of a shock as it might have been if Universal Pictures and Focus Features had chosen to make a movie centered on the life of Smellys, but the film is still a damn good one. The first half hour or so gives us our introduction to the Smellies, with Mr. T, Mrs. T, and their daughter, arriving at an alien planet where they meet other Smellies who are forced to go on a quest to find a planet to call home. The scenes between the parents in this section are priceless, as they express their desire to get their children involved, but it never hurts to observe how silly they are.

Once those Smellies reach Earth, however, things take a turn for the worst as they fall from the sky and crash into the ground and are left as damaged as they were when they crashed. It turns out that the planet they crash on is part of a secret interdimensional military operation which draws a massive crowd of aliens. Now, in order to get a closer look at the Smellies and the motives of the alien race that wants to occupy their world, a portal is opened and several of them drop down into the "real" Smellies' world, and it is here where the movie takes off in a spectacular way. In addition to the alien invaders, the Smellies themselves have other creatures to deal with such as caterpillars, which can only be seen through the Smellies' telescope, and maggots which can be found in and around the human bodies as they crawl around. The film also introduces a new species of evil Smellies who are as frightening as any monsters you've ever seen in a horror movie, and who have one major advantage over the aliens: they have guns.

Once the initial excitement of having a look at the Smellies has worn off, the real fun begins in the second half of the movie, as the humans of Earth must learn to coexist with the alien creatures. This turns out to be the theme of the entire book, and apart from the final battle between the aliens and the humans, the entire plot is built around these two themes. This leads to an unexpected ending, one which isn't immediately obvious, and one that create one of the best-written science fiction novels I have ever read. The Ogglies: Welcome to Smelli is not just about aliens, but about how we as a race may relate to the aliens, and it is this idea that add the most interest to the novel.

The central character of the story is a young girl called Ella, who lives with her parents and younger brother, Peter. She is described as very shy and reclusive, and you almost feel sorry for her, but as she slowly finds herself drawn into the strange world of the Smellies, you start to see her in a different light. The novel is primarily set in a rural English town, and much of the dialogue is centered around Ella and Peter talking to each other over a ham radio, though there is some talk about cars too. The language is pretty basic, but you certainly don't feel like it is an afterthought.

There are also some fairly colorful alien species who come out of the blue to visit Earth. These creatures are called the Smellies, and they are a fairly new arrival to our planet. It is up to the human beings of the world to take care of these alien creatures, and one of the characters in the book, named Rufus, does just that. The other main character, called Greg, is described as being rather confused about his own identity and motives for coming to Earth. The other main character, called Kayla, is a doctor who has a strange bed-mate in the beginning of the book who turns out to be another of the Smellies.

The Ogglies is written in a rather fast and frantic pace, and the aliens in the book are introduced and shown to have their origins in the near future. They are mostly friendly and do not cause much trouble, but when something goes wrong, they become aggressive and will attack anything in their path. The aliens do arrive on Earth before the book's end, and it is interesting to see how the humans react to them. At one point, a character is killed by one of them, and we are left wondering what would have happened if he had not attempted suicide by jumping out of an airplane. The book ends with a rather disturbing alien attack on the North Pole, and this is one I will always remember.

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