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They're dying to save the world. 2021/7/28 132 min.


The Suicide Squad is an exciting new American superhero movie based on the DC comics team of characters. Directed by none other than Henry Selick, the movie will be a live-action/ CGI feature directed by Geoff Johns and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. Produced by DC Films, Atlas Entertainment, And The Safran Company, it's planned to be an independent movie sequel to Suicide Squad (2021) and the third installment of the DC animatedverse. It's already getting great reviews from critics and fans, with the overall tone and storyline of the movie being more mature and intense compared to the previous two films. The movie has a ton of potential, especially seeing as how DC has finally introduced some well established characters into their comic book world. The movie will definitely be worth watching.

The movie revolves around the life of the last surviving member of the squad, Deadshot. After an accident, which leaves his hand scarred, he is recruited by The Suicide Squad, a group of high-tech vigilantes who employ a number of lethal tactics in pursuit of criminals. The team finds itself being divided as members fight to maintain their own identity and control over The Squad, while the villains themselves wage war against humanity. The movie is expected to begin filming in the next few months, with a release date of late summer or early fall. You can find out more about the plot via The Suicide Squad movie synopsis below.

The film would start off with the death of The Suicide Squad's most beloved member, Deadshot. He is killed in a gun battle with The Joker, leaving The Joker the sole survivor of the squad. With The Joker now dead, The Task Force on is left with nothing but their mission to capture The Joker. However, The Joker knows that if The Suicide Squad goes after him, he will be able to create a new group of super-soldiers called The Rebirth.

With The Joker dead, The Rebirth must focus on rebuilding their ranks, and one of the members that they have recruited so far is Wonder Woman (Emma Stone). The movie has been cast with many well known and exciting characters, namely: Will Smith as Deadshot, Terri Hatcher as Batgirl, Dave Bautista as The Joker, and Jessica Alba as Wonder Woman. While there is no official word on whether she will have a significant role to play in the film, we do know that she is on board The Suicide Squad, and the two seem to be really well suited to each other.

The movie is expected to follow in the footsteps of the previous films in the franchise, The Incredibles and The Dark Knight. The trailers for both movies have shown much more of the villains The Joker has sent into the city of New York, and in both films the element of surprise has played a key role. With the recent release of the Harley Pits movie (which was well received by fans of the original Harley-Pits series), fans are eager to see The Suicide Squad take on The Joker and The Riddler in their own film.

The Death of the King Shark is expected to begin shooting sometime in the spring of next year, with an official cast list that includes The Suicide Squad, Jason Priestley as King Shark, and Will Smith as Deadshot. This will be the third Batman solo film, following the last of The Dark Knight Rises. The director that will helm this project is Thomas Newman, who helmed the hit movie version of The Dark Knight. No release date has been given for The Death of the King Shark, which is still expected to hit theaters around June of next year. It will be interesting to see what direction the movie takes, especially since it's already being compared to the highly successful Dark Knight.

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