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The fight for tomorrow begins today. 2021/7/2 138 min.


Based on the novel by Arthur C Clarke, The Tomorrow War revolves around a secret plan developed during World War II to build secret weapons of mass destruction known as "White Spikes". The plan was code named Operation Jigsaw. Designed by a Dr. Morris Fishbone with the help of his associate, Y.V. White, these devices were to be hidden in the ocean and then remotely detonated.

The plan was never executed due to a number of factors including an accidental explosion in New York City. However, it was discovered that the United States government had secretly been working on a project to produce hydrogen bombs. The resulting explosion took out an undetermined amount of nuclear material in New York City. The result was the birth of the symbol known as the "T tomorrow" which refers to the potential destruction of the human race if such a weapon was ever made available to the general public. As a result of this and other factors, the U.S. government decided to develop a top secret group of people who were trained in the use of unconventional weapons for the United States.

Considered the first secret weapon of its kind, The Tomorrow War would eventually come to feature in a number of movies, TV shows, video games. The name of the game is largely based on The Tomorrow War and as a result features a number of similar characters such as the White Spikes. In one movie called Alien Nation, the character Xenon would be sent on a mission with a group of resistance fighters to save the Earth from an impending bombardment. He would ultimately team up with a woman called Xenia and together they fight the invaders. There have also been spin-offs and re-writes of this story in the past few years, so it is possible that the original author may still be working on it, or that another film could be in the works.

With the original story, we get to learn about a top secret US military group called the "Chaos faction" which is formed from members of the Resistance as well as civilians. Among these members are a man called Ripley, who is an expectant mother who wants nothing more than to see her baby grow up. Alongside her is a man called Johnka, who is a member of the Resistance and is there to help Ripley as well as protect her and help prevent the aliens from coming to earth. The rest of the group consists of humans and they arrive from the year 20 1951 to the planet on the "Chaos Train" to fight against the aliens. They fight for quite some time before the resistance soldiers and the alien forces come to a standstill.

The movie's plot revolves around the question of time travel and how this might affect the future of humanity. One of the characters, a man called Dan, is skeptical about the whole idea and goes out onto the streets to try and convince people that time travel is a hoax and nothing can happen in the future. A few of the locals are so convinced that it is all a big scam that they help the resistance soldiers and the military men put up a strong defense against the alien invaders. Throughout the movie it is also shown that time travel can actually alter history.

Although The Tomorrow War looks like a sci-fi thriller at first, it does have some elements of truth in it. There are many theories out there about time travel and how it might work. For instance, it has been theorized that the Chacoites, who were killed in the movie, were using time travel to check on the timeline and make sure that Earth wasn't going to be annihilated by the Nazis. If this were true, then the Chacoites would still be alive today and they may have taken control of the government. Even though this movie doesn't directly state that it is the truth, it is an interesting theory that you may want to entertain.

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