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2021/7/15 86 min.


El Mesero (Spanish title: La Vida de El Mesero) is a romantic movie directed by Alejo Buena. The movie has received warm reviews from both critics and movie lovers. The movie is about two lovers, Angel and Sonia, who are in love but the relationship slowly subsides due to their different paths and circumstances.

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Angel and Sonia meet and fall in love but they are separated when one of them, Sonia's mother begins to work as a maid in order to support her family. This makes them live a life of loneliness. One day, they decide to meet again. As the story progresses, we get to know more about their past and how did they meet each other? El Mesero revolves around two interesting and fresh couples.

"El Mesero" tells the story about two young lovers who get separated because of some unfortunate reasons. They meet each other again and begin to fall in love but they soon realize that they belong to different worlds. As they start falling in love, the movie develops as they find out what the other one wants and eventually they start to travel back to their own world.

Another very interesting thing about El Mesero is that it also has a very good and memorable ending. Towards the end, after we have understood what the main character wants, the story then goes to the next step where the character meets a girl who asks him to marry her. This sudden development made me interested to see where this story is going to take us so I left the movie with more questions in my mind. However, after watching El Mesero I felt that I knew what this movie was all about and I was hooked on it from the minute that I came to watch it.

In conclusion, El Mesero is a film that is full of surprises. It shows how a family can get even closer despite the distance that they are separated by. Also, I have to say that the use of a computer in film making is a very interesting thing. El Mesero is a film which is not only entertaining but educative as well. I recommend that anyone who doesn't like horror movies go watch El Mesero.

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