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Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

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Nature finds a way. 2021/5/5 100 min.


The serial killer that haunts Hannah throughout her senior year of high school is none other than Jacob Wetter. Trapped in an unstable town without any form of organized crime, Jacob devotes his time to killing girls. But when he murders a talkative old man in cold Blood, it prompts his older sister to shoot him dead. When she realizes that she can't do it alone, she calls on her old friend, Candida, who along with her son, Madison, sets out to find proof that Jacob is the culprit.

Based on the novels written by Suzanne Collins, Those Who Wish Me Dead is an intense action-thriller that takes place entirely in the woods. With the title already said, this movie is sure to put an exclamation point to all worries about watching the upcoming movie. Except, perhaps, for those diehard fans of horror movies and video games. Though the movie doesn't contain any real scares or terrifying moments, those who haven't read the books may experience some fear due to the portrayal of a grisly murder. I won't spoil it, but suffice to say that the graphic portrayal of a gruesome murder will make some people uneasy.

Those Who Wish Me Dead follows the story of Madison Kelso, a young woman who moves away from home to go to college. However, just before she graduates, her best friend and roommate committed suicide, and Madison are haunted by nightmares she wakes up with each night. Desperate to find help, Madison consults her close friends about her feelings for a boy named Jacob. They tell her about a boy named Connor who lives in their town and who may be able to help her with her problems, although it will be up to Madison to determine if she should trust him...

Movie lovers will be glad to know that Those Who Wish Me Dead has been earning rave reviews from movie critics and those who have seen it. The streaming service that is offering the film for sale has millions of people checking it out right now. The money being made off the streaming service is almost covering the production costs, and the marketing campaign for Those Who Wish Me Dead has been designed around the movie's high ticket prices and the buzz that's been building for a while now. If this movie continues to rake in the awards and earn big at the box office, producers could conceivably make the kiddie horror movie a franchise.

The marketing campaign for Those Who Wish Me Dead is also benefiting from the fact that the movie is earning raves from first-time viewers and moviegoers. Even those who have never heard of the book series that is Those Who Wish Me Dead, were enthralled with the movie from start to finish. One notable praise for the movie came from Greg Garcia, the man behind the viral sensation that is the Breaking Dawn viral video. He called the movie "one of the best horror films I have seen in years" and went on to say that it was one of the most intense he's ever seen. It definitely has that touch of fright that makes the suspense and horror fans come back again, no matter how long they've been waiting for the next thrilling tale of murder, mayhem and suspense...

Overall, Those Who Wish Me Dead is proving to be a big hit in the United States and across the world, despite the fact that it isn't scheduled to open anywhere near a million theaters. With such a buzz surrounding the film, it's expected that those who wish me dead will be seeing it at the four premiere locations where it's going to be playing, which are currently scheduled to begin this weekend in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. As with any horror movie, it wouldn't be a bad idea to see it with a fellow screamer, or perhaps even see some of your friends together to go watch the movie with a common theme. If you haven't seen Those Who Wish Me Dead yet, you may want to do so before it's available in your local theaters. It's a fantastic little thriller with a lot of promise...

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