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Best of enemies. Worst of friends. 2021/2/11 101 min.


The popular animated series "Tom and Jerry: The Movie" is getting ready for its second season with an all new trailer. The original release of the movie saw the main character's William Hanna and Joe Barbera take to lives of their own in a non-speaking film to be premiering later this year. The movie promises to be even better than its predecessor, creating new and exciting stories to follow. Here's what we already know about season two.

Studio Warner Bros. has just released the second official trailer for their upcoming Tom & Jerry movie that's a mixture of live-action and CGI animation, leading a massive variety of responses online from avid fans. The movie is set to see the iconic William Hanna and Joseph Barbera actors transported into the present day and the dynamic cat and mouse game lie in a luxury hotel on Manhattan's Upper East Side. You can also find out how they met in this live-action featurette, followed by an animated clip from the first season featuring the dynamic duo at the set of their first film. It's been several years since we've seen these two funny couples in live action, so it's great to finally see them back together in the two latest trailers.

If you were one of the lucky few who saw the original Tom & Jerry movie when it came out, you'll be glad to know that the second installment is in the works and it looks as though it could be a big hit with both adults and kids. With the introduction of the new characters, which are voiced by the two most popular TV actors in America (Hanna and Barbera), the dynamic duo will once again try to save their beloved pet from a cluttered secret government laboratory. With a leading character as hilarious as Jerry, and one that seem to be as wise as he is, this new live-action series could be quite the talk of the town. No doubt about it, with both Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston already proven in their own right with their own respective comedies, it will be interesting to see exactly what kind of spin the studio puts on the story.

Novel fans will likely fall in love with the story and the animation quality of the movies. Many adults who saw the original November with their families still hold the movie near the top of their must-see list, and many of them are probably eager to catch up with the latest Tom & Jerry adventure. Disney has already announced a further two films in the pipeline, and the only other name that has been attached is 2D animation vet Tim Burton. It looks as though either of those could be the very next Burton movie, so it will probably be exciting to learn more about their futures.

Regardless of which direction the studio takes, the live-action or animated film will most likely have the same quality of humor and great quotient of fun that made both of the original Tom & Jerry films so popular in the first place. What makes this animated film so beloved by so many people? Well, simply put, the characters are so lovable and the storyline so fun, regardless of how ridiculous it may be, people simply can't get enough of it.

If you have not yet seen the original Tom & Jerry in theaters, I highly recommend you do so. If you have seen the movie, there is no doubt that you are also a fan. If you have seen the movie, but are unsure of how much of an experience it was, I highly recommend the animated film to experience just that. Both films are a huge hit amongst children and adults alike, so there is no doubt that they will both be successful at the box office.

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