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They came home with some extra baggage. 2021/8/27 103 min.


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Based on the hit movie series of the same name, Vacation Friends follows the mischievous misbehavior of six buddies who embark on a fantastic vacation. Each of these buddies has his or her own set of unique quirks and capabilities. The sole purpose of their trip, apart from getting away from their everyday lives to an exotic location, is to have fun. When one of the friends accidentally purchases an ancient evil creature known as the Octopus, things quickly get out of control from thereon.

The band of characters include voicemail delivery girl, Rachael Leigh Cook, as well as David Berenko (voicemail) and Lauren Lapkus (voice). There are several other minor characters as well, including a wide variety of international dishes such as French fries and Indian curries. On the plus side, this movie features a superb track list, which includes standards like Gold, Jaws, Finding Nemo, and The Informers. With a standard DVD release of Vacation Friends in the mid-2000s, many movies never see any DVD release, and this one is one of them. The special features include a deleted scene containing the thrilling car chase scene from the movie, as well as some never-before-seen interviews with the main stars.

Vacation Friends was directed by Tim Burton and featured one of his more bizarre casts of characters. As you would expect, the movie is very funny but also contains a number of very unique, surreal moments. One particular scene sees the entire group riding in a bus that looks almost like an airplane. Other hilarious moments include the guys riding mini skateboards (who look like they're about to go on a roller coaster at least). Another good thing about Vacation Friends is that it manages to get a lot of its humor and oddball elements across without the starlets having to over-do it. They don't have to over-do the acting, and instead, they simply play well with what they have.

Vacation Friends stars Craig Robinson, Michael Chiklis, and Summer Glauberman. While it's not exactly a horror film, Vacation Friends nonetheless provides a hilarious highlight for the series. It's worth watching just for the Chiklis part, as he's quite good at playing the wacky character. On the whole, it's a fun movie that picks up where the end of the first film left off.

Overall, Vacation Friends is a great movie that doesn't overact to shock its audience, and instead relies on its well placed gags and clever writing to build its characters and story. The only complaint I have about the movie is the extremely brief length; it might be long enough to make you want to find out what happens with everybody at the end, but short enough to be boring. Regardless, Vacation Friends makes an excellent starter film for those who want to check out Amazon's newest animated comedy series. It's certainly a lot more entertaining than the mediocre first film, and even the best of the other films is still better than the horrid Disney version. Even if you didn't like Vacation Friends, you should still watch the other two movies that were produced by DreamWorks Animation - Shrek and Madagascar.

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