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She's got one night to save her life. 2021/4/16 96 min.


Vampire Vanquish is a very interesting vampire movie. I have always loved vampire movies. This one has it all. It's got the vampires, the mystery, the suspense, the love story, and most of all the Vanquish. So, I went in expecting to get a good old-fashioned vampire movie. I am so glad that I came home from seeing this movie and didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

The movie starts with an ancient vampire who is locked away in an insane asylum. He is called Vanquish and he has been trying to break free for years. As he tries he gets closer to freedom, he starts to kill his way into the prison and gets close to the last lock. As he is about to get out the warden gives him one last chance to surrender or he gets put back in the asylum.

So, this is where the movie starts and it's a good one. I have always liked book based movies and this one in particular has a lot to do with the Vanquish. The book begins by telling the story of Vanquish waking up in a hotel room after a night out drinking. He doesn't remember much but he does remember that he has a phone call to make.

Well, he gets out of the taxi and goes to a bar called "The Quiet Place." Here in the book there is a book club called "The Vanquish" which consists of those who have read the Vanquish book and they meet here every night at ten to eleven. So here Vanquish begins to explain what happened to him and he becomes intrigued by the other vampires in the bar. He is introduced to Kate who is actually a werewolf who was working as a bartender during the night.

Kate is impressed by Vanquish's skills and invites him over to her apartment for dinner. Unfortunately Vanquish's stomach is full of food from the night before so he is unable to eat much of anything. Kate then tells him about the "Vanquish" vampire who is eating everyone in Chicago. They discuss how well that could work out since she is in love with him but he is not interested. Shortly thereafter the Vanquish vampire attacks Kate while she is visiting some friends and she is severely injured. As she lays in the hospital recovering, she is approached by the original Vanquish who wants to join her in the fight against Dracula.

The movie does a good job of making us believe that Vanquish would react negatively if someone offered him a chance to join forces with the original Dracula. Plus Michael Keaton turns in a great performance playing the part of Vanquish. The picture didn't quite live up to the reception it got at the time and the book was not made into a movie. But I do recommend that you pick up a copy and see what all the fuss is about. The name of the book is Vanquish by Christopher Golden.

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